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    Hey scott, love the purity and simplicity of this theme however you should think about adding a header image which would give access to further small firms and create another outlook for your theme. Also is there anyway you could add a soundcloud button for the social media options, there’s not a single theme out there which provides that convenience sadly. These little just changes would make this already great theme even better. Cheers

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  • I have been planning on adding more social link options, I have a collection of social icons I’ve designed already for use, so I’ll be sure to add Soundcloud just for you.

    The header image is something I’ve worked on in the past, but I found WordPress didn’t do a good job with uploading, storing, and updating the image so I’ve held off on adding this feature and I’ll reevaluate it when WordPress 3.6 is released, but I want to see this feature added as well.

    Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

    That’s great scott thanks for the quick reply and i’d love if you could add soundcloud/youtube in your future updates, are you thinking of any future creative additions to your theme or are you holding off until wordpress 3.6 ? Keep up the good work, looking forward to continue working on my site through this theme 🙂

    Yeah, I’ll make sure both of those get added. Well 3.6 is out in any case and I still have plenty of things I want to develop on the theme so stay tuned for plenty of updates!

    Hi scott,

    i’m currently still using your theme for building my website, I just ran into a little hitch. I’ve been trying to add a header image basically right above the site title but can’t seem to position it right. It keeps overlapping the rest of the webpage. I tried my luck at editing the php files but my lack of experience with php is certainly kicking my ass. Css isn’t a problem, so my question is where should i insert the div in the php file and what script should come after it/before it. If you could get me out of this tangle, i’ll be much grateful.


    Well you are in luck, because Decode 2.6 was just made live and it adds header image support in the customizer. It should be available in the WordPress updates screen soon.

    And as a note for the future, could you please make a new support topic for new questions. This allows other people with the same or similar question to find the answer easier. Thanks. 🙂

    Please let me know how the header image thing works in 2.6 for you, it’s a new feature so it may be appropriate to change things. I like the font on your site too.

    Thanks 🙂 Haha just my luck..well you’ve saved the day scott. i’ll be sure to create new topics next time any queries arise. I’ll let you know how the new feature ends up working out for me. Looking forward. Cheers

    hello, could you please advise how I may add a custom social media button to the list? I would need to know where in the code I can direct the new url and upload the custom icon. The icon i would like added is IMDB. But I have made numerous customizations to the theme and if i upgrade at somepoint I have a feeling it may overwrite and break what I already did. Is there a way I can add this button without making any other changes to the theme?

    Thanks CHris

    All the code for the social media buttons is in the header.php file for now. You could create a child theme and replace the header.php file, which is the safest route, and after updates you could update the header.php in your child theme.
    Even this is tricky too though, because all the icons are SVGs, that is, they really aren’t images at all so unless your icon is an SVG it won’t display properly in the theme without adding , .sociallink svg after each .sociallink img.
    I realize this is a pain point and I’m already looking at making this better in an update soon. For now, though making a child theme and editing the CSS is the only way to go.

    Thanks for using Decode and send me a link to your site so I can see what you’ve done with it!

    Thanks! I appreciate the info. I was able to modify the Spotify code in header.php so by clicking the spotify icon it directs me to the imbd page I want. Is there a way I can reference an .img file locally stored on the host server and point to that to use as the icon, rather than using the Spotify SVG? If so, That should work.

    If not, No worries. I will send you a link as soon as it completed. This should be the last piece for now. Thanks again

    got it working. I just replaced the line of text referencing the SVG path with the path of the custom logo on the host server. Thanks.

    Yes, that would do it! Make sure you change the CSS too so it displays properly. Let me know if you need any more help.

    Will do. Thanks again

    Scott, What exactly do I need to change in CSS? Thanks

    Actually, if you are using the latest version of Decode, you don’t need to alter anything. In an earlier message I said you could add class to the CSS.

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