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[Resolved] Header Slider

  • Dear all,

    My slider won’t work when going live! If I change to one header image in the menu it will work.. What could be the problem?

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  • Hello!

    I have checked the theme’s documentation, it says that you should have at least 3 slider images for the slideshow, and here are the image sizes (link to the documentation: http://www.templateexpress.com/adamos-theme-instructions/):

    6) Set Up Homepage Slider

    A post category called “Featured” and with the slug “featured” will have to be added to your post categories. The slider will pick up the latest 3 posts from this category and the image if you have set a featured image. Look at number 9 for recommended image sizes. The slider will appear on whatever you have set as your homepage – static or blog.

    9) Recommended Image Sizes

    Logo = 280px width 78px height
    Slider images = at least 960px width. will look best at either a 3:1 or 4:1 width-to-height ratio. The Adamos demo site images are 2000px width and 500px height.
    Header = same as slider images

    These are just recommendations and there is some flexibility with sizes.

    It is possible that the slider is somehow related to the header image, but I am not sure. Please try with the above method, and if the problem persist, please post a link to your site so we should check it out.


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    thanks for that Balint – the set up instructions you have posted should be enough to get the slider working correctly.

    If this doesn’t work then please post your link Siebren and I will take a look.


    Hi Ossie, thanks for responding. I now have a random header image, that works also fine. If I now put in the slider I will get a header image with the slider below it.

    my link is: wwww.reclamelangsderails.nl

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    hello – I am not exactly sure what you are wanting the site to do? do you just want the slider to appear on every page?


    I am trying to set up my slider. I have posted 3 posts and categorized them under featured. I have added a featured image. When I visit my site http://www.cam-ps.net the only image that appears in my slider is the featured one. The other post images don’t appear. Can you take a look at what is happening with my slider on my site please and let me know what I am doing wrong? Thanks

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    Hello, only posts that are in the featured category will appear in the slider

    Hello, I thought I did have 2 other pictures posted in the feature category, but only their title tag shows up in the slider, not any image. The slider also moves over the menu links when those 2 other featured posted images move through the slider. http://www.cam-ps.net

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    hello, looking at your source code only one image is being pulled through. Have you set featured images on the two other posts?

    Hi Ossie,

    Yes I have them set as featured in my posts. I posted the other 2 images as a post and put them under my featured category. I can only select ‘one’ image as my featured photo and that is the one that is working in the slider. What do I need to do to get the other pictures to show up in the slider? http://www.cam-ps.net Thanks so much for your help!

    Hi, which file do I have to adjust when I want more then 3 slides?
    Ia have my slider working with the 3 latets post but I want more sliders than 3 😉


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    Hello, you will have to change the limit in the flexslider section of the header.php file.

    Thanks! Succeded.
    very easy to change.

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    ok cool

    how do i remove the previous and next image from the slider?i wanna change the slider

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