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  • I would like the header on my site to be half the size… please could someone tell me how to do this.. Im not very good with code.

    I would definitely want to do this on the home page..if I change that will all the headers be half the size (if this is the case I would still do it) or can they vary.

    I do have a childs theme but Im a bit confused by all that!


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  • Okay… I don’t mean to “impose”… but that front page takes FOREVER to load.

    Consider dividing your content into “excerpts”, or “paginating” your posts. Honestly, I didn’t feel like waiting around for it to finish loading.

    Just my $0.02. 😉

    Okay… the image you are using for your header is HUGE. It’s dimensions are 4272px by 2848px.

    This is ridiculously ridiculous!! It’s MUCH too big for a header image.

    Try re-sizing your header image in a photo editing program before uploading to your site.

    Make it something like 960px by 180px (or whatever you like).

    Then, upload that new header image via your WP admin panel.

    Adjusting your header image will also help your page loading time… although I’d still follow one of my suggestions above to help it even more.

    Good luck!

    Okay thanks Josh…thats the reason why I want to change the size! I thought that the header size might be preset. I didnt realise that I just had to upload a smaller image…

    How would I paginate my posts BTW?

    No worries.

    To paginate… WP admin panel -> settings -> reading

    “Blog pages show at most…”

    I’d set it to 3 or 4 and see if that helps with page loading time.

    Thanks a lot Josh. Ive already changed the header size
    what do you think?

    It will still take a while to load because of the images in the blog posts, but I will try paginating

    That’s better… but it’s still painfully slow.

    What about all those images you are using in your posts? They are HUGE also.

    EVERY one of those images is loading at ridiculous resolutions… and then having to be auto-resized by WP “on the fly”. This is taking a LONG time with all those images.

    So, do the same thing with them.

    You really don’t want any of your images in your content to be wider than 600px when using a one-column with sidebar template.

    Once you’ve resized all those images manually… and WP doesn’t have to do the work on EVERY page load…

    … it will dramatically increase your page loading time.

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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