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    I would like the white bar across the top to blend in with the rest of the header: I see that it’s not a part of the header when I use firebug to see where to target, but I don’t know how to fix this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Hi smaitb

    i don’t know if this is of anyhelp but if you look at the Theme Bizznis it has like a white stripe on the header that goes all the way from the right to the left.

    * my english isn’t the best but i’m guessing that the “stripe” is a bar*

    and i took the “stripe” away and saddly forgotten the code for it…i belive it was something .custom-header not sure. so if no one else comes with any suggetions, i can hint you with looking at the Bizznis theme 😮

    other then that, the website look pretty good! i really like the skyscrapes 😀

    Thanks Zirox624! Yes, I’ve checked the header CSS and I don’t think it actually is related to the header. I say this because I also notice that if I make the browser big enough, the white shows up beneath the footer, too. So then I thought that means I’ve got to target the background color somewhere. I looked all around for background colors that might be set to white, didn’t find any, and in fact, the background color was set to that blue. (At the bottom, I want it to be blue endlessly so that if someone has a giant browser, they won’t see the white.) Now, I’m thinking it has more to do with the set up of this page rather than the background color, but no idea what to look at.

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    It does show up in Firebug, you just didn’t dig deep enough (I was using Chrome’s developer tools)

    I just fixed this. It had to do with the way I set up the space between the logo and the top. I used the padding rather than the margin property to create the space and that fixed it. Thanks!

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