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    Hi, I have issues with the header pictures. Some work, some don’t. I tried pictures i shot myself and stock pictures, but there seems no logic in the problem, as pictures from either group either work or not.

    any ideas to solve this or what images i should use?


    *edit: at the moment there’s some random images with snow etc for trying out. The RSVP and fragen/Vragen images are not showing atm.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hey there,

    Have you tried setting the featured header image on the RSVP and fragen/Vragen pages with an image that you know has worked on your other pages? If those images do work on the RSVP and fragen/Vragen pages, we’ll be able to narrow down the issue to the particular images. What image type are you using? Is it the same for each page (ex. all .jpg)? Or are they different? Are you receiving any messages when you set the images on the pages that are not working?


    I replaced the header pictures with the snow ones that work on the “infos”, and they show as they should.
    All images are .jpg
    No messages when changing images.

    The images linked underneath were the header images for RSVP/Fragen that were not showing:

    *extra info: Both pictures were taken by us with the same camera. the snow picture is also taken by us, but with another camera.


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    Hi there,

    I tested those two images and I was able to insert them as featured images without issues. All images will work as long as they’re 720px wide.

    Can you please insert the images that are not showing up and send us a link to that post/page to check it out?

    Hi, I inserted the images 3 and 4 tot the RSVP and Fragen pages.

    I uploaded those images to a test site of mine and I can get them displayed as featured without any issues.

    Are you using any custom CSS code or have you modified the theme’s CSS in any way?

    In Firefox browser with the inspection tool I change the css on screen and I can see the image then.

    I go to the div with class “custom-header in-panel” and then to the div with class “custom-header-image”. Here I change padding-top to 75% and I can see the background picture.

    I took the 75% value from the castle picture, which is working and showing.

    Maybe that might somehow lead to a solution.

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    Hi there,

    So just to be clear, it’s in the front page panels that the images don’t appear, not on the pages themselves? And can you confirm whether you’ve added any additional CSS to the theme in the Customizer? Something you change in the browser inspector will only change it for you for the specific browser session. Changes made to CSS in the Customizer changes it on your site for everyone, so we need to know if you’ve changed anything there.

    It looks like you’ve again replaced the non-working images with other images. This makes it really hard to troubleshoot this, as we can’t actually see the problem in action on your site.

    Please add the images that are not working to those pages again, and let us know. And then please don’t change it again until we’ve had a chance to look at them.


    wpanja000 managed to solve the issue on sunday. It was some CSS related problem in the end. How it was caused and solved I can´t tell, since i have no clue 🙂

    Thanks all for helping, we can now use all the images we wanted!

    That’s excellent!

    Thanks for letting us know 🙂

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