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  • Hello Ryan,
    I used a lot of different themes, so I think I know how to. But no chance to get an uploaded picture specified as header and activated / selected be displayed ?
    Any idea what went wrong …

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  • how about a link to your site.

    and how did you specify the image to be used as the header?

    Hello Janet4now,
    sorry for my late reply. The weather is good and my garden is wide…
    The URL is
    I specified the picture to be a header in menue design/header/search/upload. It is visible as a thumbnail and the radio button in front of it is selected.

    is it your defualt header image in your custom-header.php file ?

    if so try this code

    function add_img(){
        $args = array(
    	'height'                 => 400,
    	'flex-height'            => true,
    	'flex-width'             => true,
    	'default-text-color'     => 'ffffff',
    	'header-text'            => false,
    	'uploads'                => true,
    	'default-image'          => '%s/images/image.jpg'
        add_theme_support( 'custom-header', $args );

    Thanks to every one who tried to assist me.
    Please stop your activities ! I will not use this theme any more. All other themes I tested worked well with a header. So I am sure the error is part ot the theme “meta_2s”. If it does not work it is ok. I am not willing to spend more time to repair a theme that does not work as is.


    Theme Author Ryan Cowles


    Happiness Engineer

    Hi Henry. Thanks for the feedback!

    Could you please let me know the exact steps that you were taking that resulted in the problem? Please include the expected result vs. the actual result. Just let me know, and I’d be happy to investigate further!

    Hello Ryan,
    thanks for your reply.
    As you can see now on the todays theme works well with a header. This should be the result on the “meta_2s” theme too.
    (1) I installed you theme -> no problems
    (2) I selected menue design/header/search/upload and uploaded and suitable picture.
    (3) the uploaded picture is visible and selceted by the single radio button (due tue fact, it is the first picture)
    (4) accessing the blog will result in the blog but no header is visible.

    If you are realy interested in solving the problem I would invite you to access my computer via teamviewer tool. We should talk on skype in parallel. This will be the most effective way compared to millions of emails :). Please make you mind up.
    It’s daily business on my job.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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