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    Hi guys. I made the slide and upload it to my site by editing the header.php .Everything is cool except two things.1) The site name has suddenly appeared on the top of the slider.How can i remove it?
    2)How i can edit the colour of the grey shadow behind the letters (img title and discreprion) of my slider?

    Thats what I edit in header.php :

    <div id="wrapper">
    	<div id="header">
    		<h1><a>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></h1>
    		<p class="description"><?php bloginfo('description'); ?></p>
    		<div style="clear:both;"><?php wowslider(4); ?></div>
    		<div id="mainnav">

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  • my site is and i want to remove the site name and the slogan that are under the menu bar, on the top of the slider (truth inside of you,cause all deserve all good things life has to offer).

    i found the solution for my first peblem with the site name. i deleted

    `”<h1><a>”><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></a></h1>
    <p class=”description”><?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?></p>”

    <em>[Moderator Note: Please post code & markup between backticks or use the code button. Your posted code has now been <strong>permanently damaged</strong> by the forum’s parser.]</em>

    can someone help me on how i can edit the colour of the grey shadow font of the letters in the slider?

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    I have just checked your page:

    Actually, text-shadow parameter doesn’t applied to title or description of your WOWSlider. Do you mean the background color of the description blocks?

    when you enter the site you see on the slider (peter joseph – culture in decline)written with blanc letters in a grey font.i would like to edit this grey colour.Is that possible?

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    You can edit “style.css” file generated with WOWSlider manually. Open “style.css” file:

    in any text editor (for example, Notepad), find the following lines:

    #wowslider-container4 .ws-title div,#wowslider-container4 .ws-title span{

    and set any value you need for “background” parameter.

    Thanks a lot for the replies…can you pls be more specific where to find the generated with WOWSlider file because i cant find it on my custom “style.css” file.

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    Actually, we have provided a direct link to this file on your server. It’s impossible to be more specific. “style.css” file is into “wp-content/uploads/wow-slider-plugin/4/” folder on your server. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give you more details.

    i can t find in my style.css file the code you tell me on your second post… i searched plenty of times but there is no word about wowslider in my style.css file.

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    It seems that you opened another CSS file, not file generated with WOWSlider app. Please open the file in the folder that I wrote.

    ok you are really helpfull.Finally i understood what you said and tnx a lot for the help.i opened the style.css file generated with wowslider but i cannot edit some changes.i copied the whole style.css file in notepad, make the changes i wanted and saved it but how i will upload it back to my style.css file?
    P.S.sorry for the inconvenience but im really new on this.

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    You can do it the same way as you upload any other file on your server. You can use your usual FTP manager. Notice that you should upload modified “style.css” file into “wp-content/uploads/wow-slider-plugin/4/” folder on your server and overwrite the old file.

    I upload my wowslider platform from the free 4.6 to 4.8 unlimited websites so the problem appeared again. i would like to edit the title colour,background and font family to rockwell. Please send me a new response about what to edit in the css file to make these changes because the style.css file is different now in the 4.8 unlimited websites license platform than the previous 4.6 platform.Thanks.

    Finally i edited the colour and the background…only thing that troubles me now is how to edit the typeface to Rockwell Std. Please some help would be nice!

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    Actually, you can change font family the same way as font color and into the same file – “style.css”:

    Actually, you broke it. The same file has styles for both default style (one block of text – “Fade” and “Slide” effects for description) and separate style (two block of text – “Elastic move” effect for description). It’s incorrectly. One slider should have only one style of description. Please use original code.
    To change font color set value you need for “color” parameter, to change font family set value you need for “font-family” parameter. Both parameters can be found in “wowslider-containerID .ws-title” class (where ID is a digit – identifier of your slider). Please don’t modify and don’t add another code.

    look now…

    its the original not broken by me…can you tell me exactly what i should change about changing the font colour and family please! i look forward your answer cause im really troubled after i made the update to 4.8

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