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  1. Veslertia
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    nice theme.

    When you are using a long post title, header overlaps and hides a part of that post title at small screen sizes.
    You can reproduce that glitch with a long title post. Then size down your browser's screen width step by step.

    How to fix that little glitch? Changing margin of header at small screen sizes?

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  2. Veslertia
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Can you help to fix that issue?

  3. I've replicated this issue and will report it to our developers so it can be fixed in a future theme update. Thanks for the report.

  4. Update: although I see the issue when manually shrinking the browser screen size to simulate a mobile device, I don't see the issue on the iOS simulator in iPhone 5 mode in Safari, nor on a real iPhone 4s/Safari.

    Do you see the issue on an actual mobile device, and if so, could you please let me know which device/OS/browser so I can try to replicate? Thanks.

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