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  • I have searched and searched and read and read and I have given up and resorted to annoying you good people with a question.

    All I’m trying to do is get my own jpg into the header. Should be simple and everyone else seems to have managed it so why can’t I? No, dont’ answer that 🙂

    Here’s a link to a blog I am trying to set up for my husband
    I made the graphic to be 740x192px and uploaded it to the image folder in the default theme folder. I tried renaming the header jpg in the style sheet but it vanished altogether (I’ve tried so many things I’ve for gotten what the problem was with some of them) so I then renamed the original header kubrickheader2.jpg and renamed my header kubrickheader.jpg and the result is what you see at the link above.

    I did manage to get my jpg in to some other themes that I installed but then I got some error messages with the blogroll. I have gone through 29 pages of themes via the theme editor and on dialup and it’s wearing thin trying to find one that works with me.

    This is what I get with the solitude or f500 themes (which I thought I could alter to suit once I got the jpg in)

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 1]
    SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM

    It appears on the top right hand side bar where I think the blog roll would normally be.

    Sorry if this in not very easy to follow but it’s difficult for me to explain it all when I’m so new to blogs and am not sure how it should be to start with.

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  • Just thought I’d take a look with Internet Explorer 6 (I use Opera normally) and my sidebar is totally absent in IE. The header appears the same though.

    I have not changed any styles except by using the theme font and colour editor and then I only changed the header colours. I have changed only the name of the jpg, not the style sheet or any other page.

    I have read and reread and reread and reread the documentation on how to get an image into the header. I have also read heaps of posts here with the word header mentioned in them. What am I doing wrong????????????

    Hmm, well after another 3 hours I have gotten rid of the stupid overlapping colours by reverting to the default colour scheme via the visual editor. BUT….
    I now have my image off centre.
    While the page is loading (WordPress is very slow on dialup) I get to see the blue blob header which is off centre and therefore when my own picture loads it too is off centre. The jpg appears about .5cm to the left of where it should be.

    Can anyone help me please. I am spending way too long on what should be a very simple exercise.

    Da,da. Still not resolved but getting there. I now have the header in the right place after editing
    #page {
    width 760px;
    to read
    width 740px;

    However my footer has now moved over to the right, about the same distance as the header was to the left.

    Oh my god, I’ve done it!
    Steps were

    **Made my own graphic at 740 x 192px as recommended

    **Undo the changes to the header colours I made with the visual editor ie. back to default blue

    **Rather than insert my header image name I renamed the kubrickheader.jpg to kubrickheaderdefault.jpg and named my header kubrickheader.jpg

    **Changed #page {
    width 760px;} to 740px

    **Changed #footer {
    width 760px;} to 740px

    No! I dont’ believe it. I sent my husband a link to his new blog and he opened it up in Internet Explorer and the header is just a big blue blob. It works fine in Opera still.
    C’mon someone please, pretty please. I can’t spend another 12 hours sorting this out. A search for Internet Explorer here only returns me unresolved posts whilst a search for internet explorer and header returns nothing. I will start to wade through them but….

    Can’t someone help me?

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