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  • ronanoc821


    Hi Folks,

    I am using the Astra theme and I have been using a child theme to make some edits.

    I’ve run into an unexpected issue and I have had no luck trying to resolve it or trying to find its source.

    My header was looking exactly how I wanted it to look. I’d formatted the title, tagline, menu, sub-menu, social icons just how I wanted them. I then had a logo made a few days ago to complete it.

    I added the logo and sized it so it would look well beside the site name and tagline. I then edited the CSS so that the logo would change to a smaller size on smaller screens along with the title and tagline. Despite a lot of scouring through the CSS and PHP I couldn’t figure out how to make my CSS edit work on the site without using an !important tag, so I decided to use the tag for the time being for convenience. Everything worked fine. I tried it on Firefox and on my phone and both worked properly.

    I went to sleep happy, but when I switched on my laptop and headed to my site the next day my header looked different and I haven’t yet figured out how to change it back. The title and tagline are both smaller in size than they were, but their position has also shifted down on the header and they are no longer aligned with the logo. Also, when hovering over my title, tagline and other menu items there is an underline that I never had before. My social icons are also displaying as boxes rather than icons.

    I tried to undo all the things I’d done both in the child theme and in the customizer, but the issues remain.

    I am just wondering if anybody else has had a similar issue and if they found a fix.

    I am going to keep searching for the issue, though I am certainly no expert and I don’t want to dig myself into a deeper hole trying to fix it. I feel like my site might need de-bugged at some point soon – does that sound like something that could fix or even identify the issue?

    Thanks for reading, and apologies if I soynd like I haven’t got a clue about this stuff – I am learning as I go along.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • lisa



    -restore a backup from before your most recent changes so you can start over with your changes?

    -ask Astra theme support for guidance to make your desired adjustments in child theme

    -if you have made no changes to the original/parent theme you could delete the child theme entirely and start with a new child theme

    -I have used a tool like (caution: sometimes it gives too much information) to find errors in my CSS.



    Thanks very much Lisa!

    I used a health check plugin and found that it was the WidgetKit plugin update that caused the problem, so I’ve downgraded to an older version.

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