[resolved] Header not showing properly in all browsers?? (2 posts)

  1. adams2008
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My blog is: http://dentalmanagementpower.com

    I have tried to upload my logo in the header, and have input this code:
    .custom #logo {
    height: 106px; background:
    /copyblogger/custom/POWER-Header-flare.gif) no-repeat bottom center;

    width: 800px;

    into the custom.css, but it doesn't appear to show up in firefox browser.

    My logo does show up in IE7, but there is text overlaying the logo that needs to be removed. How do I remove the overlaying text and make sure that the logo works in Firefox and all browsers?

    I looked at the other sheets (style.css, ie6.css and ie7.css) and it does not look like I should delete them, but I do not know if I should edit them.

    I am using the copyblogger theme.

  2. kelwool
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I see this is marked as "resolved", but I cannot find an answer and didnt want to risk a new post and be told I was dupe posting.

    I am having the same problem! I am using the default theme, and my page is http://www.kelbournewoolens.com/blog/. I saved a new header image over the original kubrickheader.jpg and my image appears on some browsers, but not all. For example, it works on my macbook in safari and firefox, as well as an old pc that runs linux and firefox. It was tested on Internet Explorer on two different PCs and no image appeared, but did appear on the same computers on Firefox.

    I asked the person on the PC using IE to view the page source and copy and paste the image code into a new browser window: http://www.kelbournewoolens.com/blog/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpg and she said nothing happened, but that link leads to the header image on my computer.

    In the general settings, I do not have anything written in the blog title or tagline.

    I have also tried saving a new image name in place of the kubriheader.jpg and replacing the code with that name, but nothing there, either.

    It seems most likely to be an issue with Internet Explorer. But WHAT?!?!

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