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    Heya gang, and Happy New Year — hope you had a great X-Mas or other celebration of your choice.

    I’m having a prob with my header, and though I know the solution must be dead simple, nothing I try seems to do the trick.

    The header displays fine in IE, yet not at all in FF. Currently the stylesheet code looks like this:

    #header {
    border: 0px solid #767b7c;
    background: #cc9966 url(‘img/banner1.jpg’) no-repeat center;
    width: 800px;
    height: 200px;
    margin: 0;


    I’ve also tried linking to the image within the header.php file itself (instead of the stylesheet), and using the entire url to the image (

    And finally, I’ve tried changing the height and width values.

    (I searched the forums to see if anyone else’d had the same problem… Some seem to’ve had a problem aligning images in Firefox, but my image just ain’t appearing at all. I’m stymied, since all other background images — in the sidebar etc. — are displaying correctly.)

    Any thoughts? I just KNOW I’m missing something obvious.


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  • Just visited your site with Firefox 2, and have no problem seeing the header image. Got things straightened out?

    Haven’t altered anything since the original post… but I’m using FF

    I’ll go upgrade, but since came out as recently as Dec. 19, I’m wondering why it’s choking on the image. Maybe I just have a bug somewhere…

    In any event, many thanks for checking it out.

    Checked in FF 2 and everything’s fine for me also.

    Okay — thanks, guys! I’ll consider this prob resolved. By the time my site’s ready for re-launch, chances are anyone who has FF will be running a 2.x version, and the mysteries of my glitch will be basically irrelevant.

    Hmmm… actually, scratch that last post. I’ve updated my browser to v2.0.0.1 and still no joy.

    It occurs to me that either a) it’s just some weird glitch at my end, or b) I should’ve phrased my problem a little better, and used the word “banner” rather than “header”. At the top of my site, there ought to be a cartoonish pic of a guy’s head, next to the name of the website. I’m only seeing this banner in IE. But if that’s what you folks are seeing in FF as well (as opposed to a plain tan rectangle, which is what I’m getting), then I’ll consider this thread resolved.

    Confirmation either way would be appreciated.


    try deleting your local cache. i have no problem here.

    The image you provided the url to is the one I’m seeing on your blog. Header, banner, whatever. Can’t say why it’s not working for you.

    Okay, thanks again.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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