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Header not displaying

  • Hi,I am a newbie.
    I’m trying to insert my header into the top of my webpage however it doesn’t display. I’m using the pinboard theme and have tried uploading the header image from both my C:/ directly as well as via the WP media folder.
    Upon uploading it seems to show the header correctly, but once i logout of WP, my attempts are futile.If someone could look at my site and let me know where I’m failing that would be great!
    Thank you very much in advance…..Mark.

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  • I looked at the pinboard theme and it doesn’t really have a ‘header’ per-se. It’s just a blank area above the navigation, if I am looking at the correct theme: http://www.onedesigns.com/wordpress-themes/pinboard

    What exactly are you trying to upload? Is it a photo? Are you trying to apply a background image like on the sample theme from the link above?

    Thanks waterworks2.
    Im trying to upload an image to sit at the very top of the page as my header.
    I had it working for about a week and it looked great, but as soon as i updated the theme to the most recent, it stopped displaying the header altogether. Please help.. :/

    How did you do it before?
    How are you trying to upload the header image now?

    I’m unfamiliar with the back-end of this particular template. Try this. Add this bit of code at the end of your css

    #site-title {
        height: 100px;
        background:url(http://yourdomain.com/wp-content/....../header.jpg) no-repeat top center;
    #site-title img {
        padding-top: 70px;

    Be sure to define the height of the header to be whatever the height of your uploaded image is. Then change the path to whatever the path is of your uploaded background image. You can get this URL from the media page when you look at the details for the image that you uploaded.

    The width:100% will expand the area to the exact width of it’s parent container.

    Then you might have to reposition the title. Which the second bit of code should do.

    { Edited post for typo in code }

    I tried your advice and it seemed to make a change but it looks nothing like it used to. The most obvious differences are the image is now way too big (1500×700 is the original size) for the header space.
    Originally when i uploaded my header image thru WP it gave me the option to “skip cropping, publish image as is” and it automatically uploaded the image and re-sized it accordingly.
    I’ve never needed to add any code into the css…

    Guys, I’m still having issues trying to get my header to fit into its allocated area correctly. Apart from its size looking different in Chrome, safari & IE, there is also an empty clear box surrounding the header which doesn’t belong there. I’ve used the above csss code to try and rectify it but to no avail. Please help



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    It looks like you copied the entire parent stylesheet into your child theme? Why? That makes it much harder to keep track of what you have changes and creates duplicate code.



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    Also, the changes suggested above are not visible on your site – where did you make them?

    Hi WPyogi,
    I pasted the CUSTOM HEADER coding at the very end of the CSS.
    Also, I’m still getting my head around the whole Parent/Child theme arrangement and how its supposed to work. Bit of a rookie error…



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    I don’t see any of that in the child theme stylesheet. Are you sure that’s where you put it? And yes, remove all the parent CSS code from your child theme stylesheet – you should only have changes there.

    I reactivated the child theme and placed the css in there again but it hasn’t made any changes.
    Can you see the empty window which sits over the header image?
    Is that able to be removed?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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