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  • Is there any way to make the header clickable if some of the divs within it use absolute positioning?

    I’ve tried the instructions in the codex on Designing Headers. Everything SHOULD work, but it doesn’t. A Google search suggests to me that the problem may be the absolute positioning that I’m using. At least in Firefox (which is what I use) apparently that prevents it from working.

    (My site is Acid Test. It does not currently have the suggested code in header.php, because I removed it when I couldn’t get it to work. That way it won’t be hanging around after I forget what the hell I had it in there for ;>)

    Is there a simple fix for this that does NOT involve redesigning my whole template to avoid absolute positioning? (That’s not an option, just now.) A sample of the code would be best, because I usually misunderstand more general directions, being a bit of a programming retard.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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