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  • Hello Everyone:
    I working on a site in which I would like the #header #header-menu to have a image and some text. Is there a way of doing this.

    Example of make a new page and after I create it the image will be on the top of the index page and or all the pages. I might want this for the catalog as well if it’s not to hard to do.

    Any help or directions would be great

    Opss I using the last version….

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  • esmi


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    You want images for your navigation menu instead of text?

    Yes if that is possible




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    That’s not possible through WordPress itself.

    is there another way that I can do it with WP.

    or is it possible to have all the links with (images) lined up side by side in the index page.

    What I want to do is have a book shelf where the client can click on the book(s) and it opens the link. The client that I have is a publisher and has several books she is selling.

    PS thanks esmi for the help.



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    It really depends upon how you intend to implement this and how new pages will be dealt with.

    If you’re a coder/developer, it’s a snip to apply different classes to the header and then have a whole stack of images within the theme that will be used for different pages. If you create a new page, you simply add your new class to the list and upload your new images, yes?

    But how will the client deal with it when she wants to make a new page and you’re not around to add the class and create/upload the new image? That’s where it gets difficult.

    Yes and I think that’s beyond my scope being that I’m not a coder/developer.
    I did find a Theme zinfolio that somewhat works. I make a new page and then add some info in the Custom fields., Bad part the books are not side by side.
    I did look at the hostsite themes that could work.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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