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    Hello experts, gurus and other folk,

    Firstly, here is the site I’m creating using the Customizr Child Theme:

    Hoping for your assistance to resolve the following;

    1. Logo appears nice and large (the way I want it) in Customiz’it – but when I ‘save and publish’ then view my site, the logo is tiny. I have unchecked the Force Logo Dimenions box.

    2. I want the tagline to appear under the heading logo (centred).

    3. I want the menu under the tagline.

    4. I want to re-size the slider and make it much smaller, say half the size (585 x 250)

    Once again, much of this looks the way I want in Customiz’it but changes when I save and view it.


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  • Start here

    Thanks @rdellconsulting

    Everything is centred but it gives me no solution to resize my header logo or the slider.

    It also doesn’t explain why everything looks fine in Customiz’it but not outside of here.

    1) Logo looks fine in my Firefox on 1920px widescreen. And tested it using Resizer and it seems to be fully responsive through different viewports

    2) & 3) look fixed

    4) Slider looks fine to me. But try this Snippet if you want.

    +5) FPs – if you want to get rid of the white rectangles, use this Snippet

    Hi guys,

    Please advise how to unhook the tagline from __navbar and place it in the __header. I guess I should rehook tc_tagline_display(), but just couldnt figure out how to do it…


    Thanks again @rdellconsulting

    1) Must be my 1280px Macbook screen, as Firefox, Chrome & Safari all show the header logo as being the default (very small 250 x 100). How does one post an image here?

    2) Fixed, thank you.

    3) WAS fixed but just updated to WordPress 3.8 now the menu is all bunched-up!

    4) Fixed, thank you.

    5) I managed to get rid of the ‘white rectangles’ in that snippet, thank you. I was left with square images however so have temporarily removed images from the feature pages. I still have white rectangles in posts… should I start a new thread for that fix?

    @dbsparkle, can you raise a new topic for your problem as it is unrelated to this thread.

    1) Use an offline image store like this, then post the link here.

    3) I’ve checked the Snippet and it seems OK. But I can’t see that the changes to functions.php have been picked up on your site. Did you see the 3.0.14 change to code? Did you implement it in child theme functions.php?

    5) To get rid of the white rectangles use:
    .round-div {border-color:transparent;}
    You will have lost the zoom effect on all featured images – is that what you intended?

    Thanks again Dave…

    Menu is centred and fixed (after placing the code in functions.php – Must have neglected that step!).

    A couple of small issues still but will mark this as resolved and address any specific issues separately.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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