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  • Hi, my header looks different in Safari as opposed to Firefox. It’s at There should be no white bits, just all grey background! I’m new to this and have no idea about code, but I’d like to know where I’ve gone wrong and how to fix it.


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  • It looks exactly the same to me in every browser. Can you please try and explain exactly what do you mean by white bits? If it’s just above navigation on the left and right side, that’s part of the image. You should change image.

    Hi, looking at it on Safari using my iPad, there are white squares surrounding the images of the test tubes and makeup brush. The header is made from a number of images and the original images had white backgrounds but I photoshopped them to be grey. So I’m not sure why they’re showing up on the iPad when there are no white backgrounds behind those 2 images on Firefox on my desktop. Hope that makes sense!


    it does, but you will just have to redo the image. Maybe you just uploaded wrong image? This is the image you have as background
    as you can see, it has white around tubes and brush.
    Just photoshop them again, upload image and you will be fine. It’s not wordpress issue. 🙂

    Hi there, I think the background was so feint on my computer that I couldn’t tell the difference between the white and grey! So thanks, I’ve now re-photoshopped to make the whole background white and it seems to have worked. Many thanks again for your advice.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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