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header links repeating url name

  • i want to add entries in my header for my pages. the theme support site told me to add them at the bottom of the header.php. i did but now when i go from page A to page B the url is repeated therefore I can’t see page B, either an error message pops up or it shows the main screen. I can go from the home page to Page A but in order to see page B I have to go BACK to the home page.



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  • George


    Hey there, if you could provide some info it’d help a lot:
    1. What’s the URL to your website?

    2. What exact code were you told to add? Paste it in between ` brackets if you can.


    i’m not sure what the code is.

    I hope your permalink structure is ok. If not, please check in your dashboard. The option is under “Settings”.

    it should be


    yes, that is what it is but i still have the same problem

    Please copy paste your header.php contents here using the code button.

    copy the contents of header.php
    paste it here.

    select the contents again here.

    press the “code” button at the top

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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