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  1. ryanpym
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    I am have two layout issues I am scratching my head on. I am familiar with CSS but not really competent enough to resolve these. They are both the result of me tampering with a plug-in and theme to try and get them to do what I want.

    First Issue: Page Header.

    I have put a shopping cart widget into the head of the page, however I am having issues getting the cart, social icons and search to all line upon the right . Is this something I can fix with CSS or have I done something incorrect in the heading code?

    I have also noticed that if you add an Item to the basket, it lines up differently to an empty basket. I am trying to make it consistent throughout. the link below will take you to a product to add to the cart.

    The Second issue is with the product page here:


    you will see I have used the eshop widget to display the add to cart option on the page. I therefore do not need to display the generic add to cart buttons at the bottom.I have been able to remove this by putting style="display: none" when tinkering on chrome, but do not know how or where to actually put this into the code.

    Any assistance with the above issues will be greatly appreciated. I have a general understanding of PHP / CSS and can work from basic instructions.

    please ignore the general appearance of some of the site, as it is still under construction.

    MAny thanks,

  2. ryanpym
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    Sorry, homepage is http://copytshirts.co.uk/

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