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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to set up a mobile site and I like the look of the default Twenty Eleven theme and it works well except for the header.

    When the site title is enabled it takes up a lot of space above the header and there is a lot of blank space before my content starts below the menu. (Though I think this is probably because I don’t have a title for the page. If I could remove this space it would be good too though)


    When the title is disabled it removes the space above the header but changes the configuration of the menu to a vertical rather than horizontal format which takes up a lot more room.


    All I want is to remove the title above the header and keep the horizontal menu format. (I’d like to remove the space below the header where the title would go if possible too)

    Ideal mockup

    I don’t really know anything about code but I can have a go. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Hi,
    You will need to create a child theme for your changes, but this can be done in the stylesheets.

    This post has a child theme and might give you an insight and a starting point, on how to do what you want.



    While this can be solved using a child theme, twentyeleven should NOT behave this way.

    I have the same problem with one aggravation: the search box partially hides the header image because it shows up in the top right instead of in the navigation bar.

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