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    Thank you for all the hard work on this plugin. I’ve been very happy with it for the past few months.

    Recently, however, a number of our WPMS network users complained of an issue where the header images they uploaded were degrading in quality. I tested and confirmed that Imsanity was apparently resizing images uploaded via the Custom Header page at /wp-admin/themes.php?page=custom-header

    Even though I had set the max width of header images to 1024, and Media Library uploads to 600, the header images were clearly getting resized and then upsampled again resulting in an obvious lossy effect.

    WordPress uploads header images to the Media Library so I can see how this might be happening, but the the separate setting for header images clearly isn’t working. The uploaded custom header image has the correct dimensions after cropping, but the quality clearly indicates it had been resized (smaller) by Imsanity and then resized again (larger) by WordPress.

    Deactivating the plugin and uploading a new custom header resulted in no loss of image quality.

    Hopefully this can be resolved as the functionality this plugin delivers for a multisite community is very beneficial, but we have had to deactivate after multiple complaints.

    Thank you in advance for addressing this issue. I’m happy to help test any beta updates.

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  • Plugin Contributor Jason


    Hmm, is this happening with a specific theme or the default WordPress header page?

    There’s three limit settings for Imsanity “post” “library” and “other.” The header images are resized (or not) based on the 3rd setting in Imsanity for “other.” That does assume you are using the default WordPress Appearance->Header page and not theme-specific options page.

    For the “other” field, a good value to set them to is something like 3000×3000. That way only really large images will be scaled.

    One test that I do is set all three to different values and then upload a large image to see what it gets resized to. For example:

    Post Limit: 500×500
    Library Limit: 600×600
    Other Limit: 700×700

    Then up load an image larger than 700×700 and see what size it gets set to. Then look at the uploaded file. If it’s max size is 600 then you know WordPress is considering that a “library” upload. etc.

    Some themes have their custom options pages and they may include upload fields for header/footer images. There’s no guarantee as to how those may work, so it would be a case-by-case basis to see what is happening.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I replicated the issue on three different themes using the WordPress Appearance->Header admin page at:

    I did try cranking up the “other” option and uploading much larger images, but they were clearly being shrunk and then enlarged based on the quality loss.

    I just tested this on Twenty Twelve with “other” set to only 400 and the header published at only 400 wide, so the images being upsized were likely a result of some theme specific header image resize implementation as you suspected.

    Sorry, I know this topic is resolved, but I’m really curious how I might address this issue with certain themes.

    What function is imsanity using and what would I look for or ask theme developers when inquiring about any custom upload functions they’ve used in themes that are having header images re-sized by Imsanity?

    All the themes I’ve tested have an admin page for uploading a custom header at /wp-admin/themes.php?page=custom-header but the images are getting uploaded to the Media library, and I think that is why the plugin is firing to work it’s magic.

    Thanks in advance for any direction you can give me to try and work with the themes to get them to play nice together. I’ve already got a headache from our users uploading huge files.

    Plugin Contributor Jason


    Hey agreda, did you get a chance to run that test that I explained and see what size the images get re-sized to? (ie 500, 600 or 700..?)

    That would be the first step to see *which* actual setting is being used. If it turns out to be the “other” limit then what I might do is just bump up that limit to something high enough that it doesn’t mess up the headers (for example 2000×2000) but is not so large.

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    In all my tests, the smallest size setting was being applied to custom header images uploaded to the Media Library using various themes that had a custom Headers admin option. For now I’ve just used 1080 x 800 for all the settings.

    Thank you for your hard work and feedback.

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