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  • First of all I think the new magic addition of header images is great. 🙂

    However, I had just figured out how to modify the old header.php to put a flash header in my blog. With the new 3.x versions the header.php has changed to eliminate the table for “header” “class” in the header php.

    Where is the new version calling the image from so that I can change the file to include a .swf header? I would hate going back to the old version. This new one is soooooo much better (other than my current brain fart.)

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  • Duh! Never mind. I figured it out. Just needed a glass of cabernet and the brain fart disappeared. Thanks again Denis. 🙂

    Ooops! Never mind the never mind. I noticed that if I delete <?php the_page_header(); ?> it deletes the header nav bar. The rest of the page is fine. So where is “the_page_header” ?


    This sounds Semiologic specific.

    Yeah, def semiologic specific. I’m glad to know that i’m not the only one having a very difficult time trygn to customize this theme. Sure it’s easy to change colors, but to actually modify and move around design elements has proven to be difficult for me. Sigh.


    @waynelvn: thanks for the suggestion — this will come built-in in the next release.

    @tania: the idea behind it is to make things easy to modify from admin interfaces. as a result, the source code is not necessarily easy unless you are a php hacker.

    I’m assuming that such a hacker will just as well create a theme using wordpress template tags. and based on the survey I conducted a few months a go, I’m assuming this rightly.

    What i’m tryign to do is move the search form and page links that appear in the navbar to the sidebar and have the navbar itself deleated. Any tips on which file I should be “hacking” to accomplish this task?

    you should _not_ hack the files. it is a recipee for a mess when you’ll want to upgrade. you should drop the call to the_page_header() instead and create one that is more relevant to you.

    as an aside, there are a few other templates that you can use to customize your header. they are all declared at the end of plugins/sem-theme/sem-theme-utils.php.

    “you should drop the call to the_page_header() instead” -Denis-de-Bernar

    Where do I delete the call to the_page_header()?
    Also, do I have to “create one that is more relevant to you” or will it just disappear as Tbelding wanted? TIA…

    in the header.php file, you’ll find a call to the_page_header(); deleting it will remove the header code, allowing you to hard-code a new header.

    Hmm… I’m not a coder….I guess there is no easy solution.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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