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  • I’m using a theme called Prebuilt2 and I’m sure it must just work just like all other themes.
    I’ve edited all the header images to also include the name of my site, then uploaded them (replacing the originals) but still the new image wont load!

    I’ve flushed all cache/temp files, tried several different machines and different browsers – theres nothing else i can think of unless its some kind of issue that i don’t know about with wordpress.
    Any Ideas?

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    Thats what i see at the top.

    use the tools/page info/media to see what the page is loading.

    yeah, thats the correct location, and when i download that file on the ftp it is the correct version, except when viewed through a browser it is the original

    the image should look like –

    I can’t understand why all browsers wont display my added text, i’ve just created it in photoshop using the exact same font, saved for web as a gif, and uploaded as the exact same file name. This is seriously confusing.

    I have this exact same problem. Very frustrating. I have also done the same steps: tried another browser, cleared cahe, downloaded image via ftp. Grrr.

    is there any other posible cache that WP could possibly use other than that in wp-content? thats been cleared, Comp cache is cleared and the image on the server is the correct one – what possible reason could there be for it now to work!

    i’m having this SAME problem. downloaded a template, uploaded it on the ftp, put it in the right directory, all the images are in the folder… but they won’t load in any browser. i found a resolved thread and tried to ask for a better explanation, but no one is explaining. i’m just not familiar enough with coding or wordpress to figure out what any of the “help” really means…


    my journal that needs help:

    yeah, unfortunately that doesn’t help in my case.
    i’ve not got mixed up with the directory or file name for my new images. the images are simple, blue.gif default.gif and white.gif – it’d be hard to make a mistake there – they’re in prebuilt/images/headers/

    I have a feeling its related to the complexity of the theme. I’m not be best @ php but i understand how to read a site and understand whats happeneing and where. Trouble is this Prebuilt2 theme is more complicated than i’ve come accross before, and wordpress is just generally confusing with some of the more simple themes!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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