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  • Hi all, I’m *very* new to this, and have been trying to figure out how to change the header image…I finally got rid of the kubrick blue, but the new image doesn’t show up? What am I doing wrong? The file is


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  • Anyone? Pretty please…. 🙂

    Thanks so much HandySolo…that is what I did…I replaced “kubrickheader.jpg” with “riceheader.jpg”….the file is saved in the same place as the kubrick header image…Somehow, the blue disappeared, but the image doesn’t show up. If I double click the file, though, it shows up for me. I don’t understand what I did wrong? I used the “kubricker” application for saving the image, so it’s the same size, then saved that file into the same file as the original kubrick image. Is there something I’m missing here?

    CG, the link to the kubrickheader.jpg is also embedded in the header.php file (BAD BAD practice, IMHO; you should only have to go to one place to change or delete something). So root around in the header.php file and find it — it’s in the top above the head closing tag in an embedded style. You should be able to either delete it, or just change the name, and be sure the dimensions of your riceheader.jpg file are the same or alter the settings to reflect your new header’s dimensions.


    Thanks for trying to help Joni…I went and changed the name in the header.php file too, and the image still doesn’t show up. In fact, none of the changes I’ve tried to make show up. I’m editing in the “theme editor” section of the admin panel…is this the wrong place to be doing this? I tried to change the page color as well, and it showed up for a half of a second, then reverted to grey. *shrugs* I honestly don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. 🙁 The only change that worked was the blog name color change.

    The page color is there, but there’s a background image on top of it. You’re seeing the page color appear and then the image gets called. Honestly, Kubrick is a tricky theme to edit — you might want to consider trying out another theme. There are a ton to choose from.

    Hi Haecceity…a background image? How would I remove that? I see it in the stream as ('images/kubrickbgcolor.jpg'); Can I just delete that? I’d actually like to design my own site, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet.

    I’m still confused as to why the header image doesn’t show up, too.

    I’m sorry to be so dense…I’m very new to all of this, a point and click type girl, I’m afraid. I will learn it, though. I’m on a mission. LOL

    YAY! The background color is working now….unfortunately, the header image still doesn’t appear. Is there anything else I can do to try to get it to show up? TIA for any advice you may have! 🙂

    Should be an easy fix. You have the path to the header image as:

    It should be:

    That ought to sort it out.

    Your curried pumpkin soup looks ….mmmmmm! (I’d swap out the beef stock for some veggie bouillon, however).

    By the way, in the blogroll link to your flikr account you need to replace the “@” symbol with “& #64;” (but without the space between the & and the #). Otherwise the link will be broken.

    Hi again Haecceity…thank you so much for trying to help me! I really appreciate it. Where do you see the path repeated like that? In the header.php file I see “repeat-y top” and then the page info is listed again (should I delete the second part and the repeat command?)…in the ftp page, the image is saved the same way you listed it the second time.

    Also…I don’t see he @ symbol in my link? This is what I see:

    My gosh…I feel kind of stoopid.

    Oh! And Thank you so much! That soup is one of my favorites…the veggie boullion is a good substitute. 🙂

    Ok! I found the error for the Flickr link and fixed it! Thank you! 🙂

    Hey, canarygirl. All I can look at is the source code of the page as it appears in my browser, and the file path with the duplication in it is what appears there. I can’t see what’s in your header.php file, which is where the problem likely is.

    Can you show us the bit of your header file that’s to do with the header image?

    Sure! Thank you so much for all of your help, Haecceity! 🙂

    Here it is:

    #page { background: url(“<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/wp-content/themes/Default/images/riceheader.jpg”) repeat-y top; border: none; }
    <?php } else { // No sidebar ?>
    #page { background: url(“<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/wp-content/themes/Default/images/riceheader.jpg”) repeat-y top; border: none; }
    <?php } ?>

    You need to edit “/wp-content/themes/Default/images/riceheader.jpg” so that it says just “/images/riceheader.jpg”.

    That should fix it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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