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Header Image Not Showing

  • Hi

    I’ve just tried adding a new header image to twenty ten.

    It is a gif file of 25 kb and is at the requested size of 940 x 198.

    When I click upload it goes to the crop page but all I get is a small error box that doesn’t show the image and of course no logo now on my site.

    Is there something I’m missing in the upload of this image.


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  • Hi breakthr22,

    Could you please post a link so we can help you out?

    Take care,


    Here is the link to the site:


    Hi breakthr22,

    I’m not sure how you uploaded the image, but to change it, in the wp-admin area, go to Appearance (on the left), click Header, and you can upload your own there. That should take care of it!

    Let us know,

    Hi Connor

    That is exactly how I uploaded it – I’ve tried several other images of different sizes and they all do exactly the same.

    Maybe I could ftp it to the site? Is that allowed?


    Hey Shelley,

    I know the problem. WordPress requires you upload a .jpg (not a gif). Convert the file to a jpg and that’ll do the trick for ya. If you don’t know how, do a quick Google search and that’ll get it taken care of. Let us know if you need anything else!


    Hi Connor

    The first time I tried to upload was with a jpg and couldn’t get it to work, which is why I tried the gif.

    Just tried again with the jpg and when I click on upload it refreshes the upload page and has in the browse box “no file chosen”. It doesn’t go to the crop page.

    the jpg is 29kb and is 940 x 198 px


    I have just looked at the path where the image is meant to be displaying at


    I can see that the image is actually in that directory (by viewing with my ftp program).

    Any other ideas why it’s not showing on the site?


    Okay – so what I did was I went back and put up the path image that is standard within wordpress. Then I changed my logo name to path.jpg and ftpd it to the site. So my logo appears now.

    But I couldn’t get it upload via the wordpress upload function.

    Thought I’d mention how I fixed the problem, in case it might help someone else.

    Tx Connor for your help

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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