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    When I resize my pages using CTRL and the sign – (a few CTRL – actually), the header image sticks to the left of the screen while the rest of the site remains centered.
    I tried with FF 27, IE 11 and Chrome 33, same result. How can I make my header image to be centered?
    I am using a basic child Ridizain (no css modification, just style.css, no other child file).

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  • Theme Author Brian Harris


    Thanks for reporting that.

    Fix is coming up in the next update.

    Theme Author Brian Harris


    This is now fixed in the current version – please update and advise.


    Thanks Zulf, Yes, it is resolved.
    Sorry for not responding before. I was doing some comparison tests with Ridizain and Twenty Fourteen in order to understand the way it now works; I am using your plugin Fourteen Extended in both cases.

    Now, in Ridizain, when hitting CTRL – a few times, the content gets smaller but the header image and the primary menu (top) remain as large as the screen (for example, I hit CRTL – 5 times before the header starts to shrink). At that point, the site looks a bit silly, the text of the content is very small while the header remains big.
    In Twenty Fourteen, the header and the menu do shinks along the content, so the relation between the header text and the content text looks better.

    Am I making sence? Maybe it was intentional that the header image remains that big. Was it? Since I use a large screen, I often use CTRL – to decrease the size of the font in the sites I visit, so I guess maybe other people do that too?

    Theme Author Brian Harris


    Hello Jas99,

    Glad that’s resolved.

    Yes, the current configuration is deliberate as it was done as a work around. It is not an expected way of viewing websites so I would thing that the number of users viewing a site that would be low – the conventional way is for the website to resize itself via media query and not via manual control with CTRL operation.

    Will revisit the setup in a future update to work in a better solution for the requirements – for now will have to class it as a TODO listed option.


    That is quite all right. Thanks!

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