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    just looking for a another set of eyes to check out this code. After my header bar, which displays the title of my blog I wanted to display a header image called Chazheader.gif.
    I have the following code in my header.php

    <div id="triangle"> <a href=""> <img src="images/chazheader.gif" alt="" border="0" height="200" width="950"> </a> </div>

    and the following code in my stylesheet

    ‘#triangle {
    width: 100%;
    text-align: right;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #000;
    can anyone see any logical typos or code confusion?
    Looking for any help — thanks in advance for your time.
    Very best,

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  • whooami



    based on what you pasted, that image OUGHT to be here:

    Its not. Youre not keeping the path to your blog in mind .. when specifying relative paths.

    whooami! fantastic, thank you so much for your help. One more quick question is, you have the time:
    where should I look in my stylesheet to make the link lists on both sidebars appeared to be like the one on recent links — I check my stylesheet and I cannot find a class called Msonormal to edit, so I could get the text to appear like the other side. Again, many many thanks for your time and effort.

    to answer my own question Msonormal is a Microsoft office CSS class — right now I’m not sure if it is better to define my own Msonormal , how do I do this so that it does not conflict with other predefined css and to prevent this in the future. Do I just removed basic formatting from a Word document?

    There’s really no good way of dealing with the CSS that Microsoft Word outputs. I just copy-paste to Notepad before I post to eliminate all formatting. Or better yet, just use WordPress’s built-in editors.

    also him having a hard time finding the class called id=”linkcat-13″ in my CSS or anywhere under my theme files. Where should I look??

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