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  • Alright I am using the RedBel 1.3.1 theme and under the header editing it is saying to select the image and then to crop it on the next page. well no matter what size I resize the image it always maxes out the cropping tool before the end of the image.. there is about a quarter of the image left. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Instead of letting wordpress crop the image I make the image to the size that is allowed in header than upload that way you have what you want in header.

    in the header.php file? I have tried that however its not showing a image source code that is currently existing in the file for some reason. and it doesnt allow to just place it and overlap it on the current red banner

    the default image size for that theme is 1000w x 153h

    I would think if you make an image that size, and use the header image uploader/selector, you wouldn’t have to crop at all

    it looks like it also adjusts the header div size to match the image, so maybe if you have an image that is 1000px wide, you can have whatever height you want, but not sure on that

    No it crops the height as well you can make transparent image if its small so that it fills that size or you can re size that image in functions.php
    with this code

    function my_header_height($size){
       return 100;
    function my_header_width($size){
       return 700;

    I have put this code on top after <?php

    than you make change to size I have 100 by 700
    you will have change the theme name in the code.

    Nice I will give that a shot and let you know.. Thanks for the help seriously i appreciate it

    Ok I have input the code in there.. Now what is it that I do with the image… just put the image source code in the header file or try the cropping through the header editor


    I have also tried the 1000×153 thing and still got the same result which was really confusing

    what size is your logo as you might have to change the sizes couple of places as that image height is controlling your menu as well.

    Do you have a way to make a transparent logo with yours in a layer or create a logo on the red background and have your logo in layer if not can you send the logo and I will make it for you you can click on my name to go to my website.

    The sizes can be changed but than you will have to change your menu in style.css.

    I would appreciate it if you can do that for me. I tried contacting you on your website. it kept saying invalid input – spam? for some reason

    If its not too much I would appreciate the help.. I am still stuck on this issue

    I need to see your url and see where the problem is to guide you more it can be done, without seeing the problem its hard to help you.

    The red banner at the top is where im trying to input the image.

    I know that I need to see the image that you want to put there.
    if you upload image in media and than click on the image and put url that is bottom in here.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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