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  • This maybe a puter issue and not a WP issue, but I don’t know where else to go.

    My husband finally got around to looking at my blog today. I watched as he loaded the page (Using IE 6.x, same as I use).

    Every image loaded but the header image. I asked my gal friend who was online to double check it, and she cleared her cache in both IE and Firefox and said it loaded for her.

    We went through his internet tools, and except for a few things not relating to images, everything was basically the same as my set up.

    Anyone got a clue why every other image loads but that one?
    We use a DSL network, but I doubt that’s the problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • clear the cache on your proxy? works here

    I don’t understand proxy cache. He did dump his IE cache several times. We have no proxy settings under Internet Options.

    ‘We use a DSL network’

    Sorry just assumed you were using some sort of proxy for your network to share the dsl line. You’re using a router instead? Check your firewall settings as this can play with these issues. Ho wmany machines are not able to view the header image?

    try fixing these errors, though I guess they won’t do much since others can see it:

    I’ve noticed a lot of people using xhtml 1.1 incorrectly lately, probably as a way to say I’m the most up to date, but if used incorrectly it will affect the way your page is viewed.

    Additonally you’re using a lot of HTML code in an XHTML document that is claiming to be 1.1 valid even though the attributes of a 1.1 document are not even included – tags like center are valid to some extent but will be phased out. Use a div instead and apply the apprporiate values.

    264 validation errors is quite a lot

    First: I pulled the source code that my husbands browser was seeing on my site .. there is a javascript error that I don’t get. Maybe that’s the problem –but it sure is frustrating. I just set his internet options to exactly what mine are .. and still the header image doesn’t show up!

    You I went to that validation site.

    For example: It kept saying I was missing an opening to a tag, this one to be exact:

    < img src=”” >

    The whole tag is there on one line when I view the source, so I have no idea what it’s saying it’s not there? There are several of those, yet the whole code is there, is correct, but for some reason it’s not reading it completely.

    It also make a comment about one of the titles to one of my posts .. even went so far as to indicate the URL to that post was incorrect ??!

    It doesn’t like my collapse plugin on posts.

    There are a lot of things this validation site didn’t like that are correct, so now what am I suppose to think? Thanks anyway.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I see the image in FF and IE.

    To this:
    < img src="" >

    Add a / at the end to make it valid:
    < img src="" />
    not that this would cause an image to not appear.

    Have you recently used any cache cleaning programs ? When I do, the browser will not load images for a while and I have no idea why.

    The validation errors do not affect your reason to post so take curing them as something to do over some time.

    Does your husband have any different IE settings to you ?

    In XHTML, there are certain ways that tags must be formatted in order to “work”. This may or may not be your problem, but here is how to fix some of them.

    In XHMTL, all non-closing tags must be “self-closing”. This means that they have to have a space and slash at the end. Here is the right “end” of your image tag listed above:

    p5329/coffedivider.jpg" />

    Things like <br> must be <br /> too. All meta tags must have the same ending, too, as they don’t have a closing tag.

    I’m looking at your page now, and by “header image” I assume you mean the large photo that says “Jo’s Cafe”? I see it in Firefox.

    Now, back to the validation errors.

    The javascript has errors, and it doesn’t look right throughout. Do you “need” the javascript? It looks like it is trying to hide some comments or something. I recommend that you delete it and see it that makes a difference. If you explain the purpose of the javascript, we might be able to find a better version or work around that will replace it.

    There are a lot of screwy things going on with your site’s code. You have single quotes in place of double quotes on all your links (which will work but bork on some browsers), and there is odd mouseover scripts on some of the links like the read more.

    For example:

    <a href=''><a href='' name='ext296' onclick="showHide(296,'',this,'entry');return false;">Read more»</a>

    You have two link refernces but only one closing tag, which means that the other link is running around without being closed – and what is all that onclick stuff there for? You don’t need it.

    A website is like stacking dominos and if you mess up with one thing, it can filter all the way through and mess up other things.

    Be patient and go through and carefully check everything, or honestly, try another well tested theme, unless you did this one yourself – then fix it.

    It’s a great site you have going, but these things will only get worse instead of better and they don’t “fix themselves”, unfortunately.

    PS: I love Star Trek and my hubby is my best friend – ain’t it an amazing world!

    I see the problem with the read more, the >> is my way of showing an arrow to readers to follow the link, I will try something else there .

    I URLs you noted are the permlinks generated for the posts… Now I’m confused.

    I just booted hubby’s laptop and the header.jpg loads fine. If you go back to the site and view the source, you will see under the archive links some javascript — I have no clue where it’s generated, I’ve been through every wp document I have to try and find which .php file generates it. I have checked to see if his system is up2date, which it is. When I go to the privacy report, it does look different than what my system generates. My privact report shows the theme graphics loaded first, on his it shows it like # 10, but we know it’s not loading. I have also pulled this site up at 2 different computers at work since I went live using WP and this is the first time the header hasn’t loaded. Has to be his computer period. BTW we are both on Dells, less than a year old.

    Not sure if it’s the base theme I am using, but I haven’t changed any of that coding, ‘cept for color and font sizes in the style sheet and adding hard coded graphics.

    Probably going to end up being one of them “gliches” that turns programers and users to the bottle or very very gray!

    This was the first time he’s been able to really look at the site since I moved it off blogger and I was just upset the header image didn’t load.

    Thank you again, and let me go fix some of them errors and check it again.

    Okay, one thing at a time. I have no idea what you are referring to as the “privacy” report and how that impacts your use of WordPress, but let’s address the issues that are known.

    The javascript should be in the header.php template file of your theme. Make sure you are looking in the right folder.

    To “style” or modify your “Read More”, look at the examples here:

    Yours doesn’t even come close to matching, and it has the two <a href anchor starts, as I mentioned before, so check what you have against what is in that article and put the right usage in. You will find the read more tag in your index.php file.

    If you haven’t made any changes to the Theme that you are using, unless you are very dedicated to it, I recommend that you change to something else or reload it and try again. Based upon what I saw, unless you were in there changing things with the template files, it was in not good condition when you started. There are hundreds of themes for you to choose from now.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if we can offer more specific assistance.

    I got the validation errors down from 264 to 167 !

    I see that some of the errors it’s showing me are comment errors <!— that kind of stuff in the .php

    Also a couple errors are from the script I got from the Truth Laid Bear system, the one they generate for you.

    But — I have learned something from all this 🙂 Thanks!

    I would suggest placing your javascript and any related files in a folder within the theme (or outside if you plan to swtich themes) then use a link to the javascript – using inline javascript will likely cause a few errors to be seen.

    so you would use something like this in the head part of your document:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourdomain/pathtojavascript"></script>

    Looks cleaner doesn’t it? And it should function the same way too.

    I would also change your doc type – firstly although the page will validate as xhtml 1.1 you need to use applciation instead of text for the form amonst other things for it to truly validate and work properly with all browsers. So I would change whatever you have in the header of your document from what it is now to:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">

    <head profile="">

    This way you can be sure at 1.0 once your page is cleaned up that it will be more likely for it to work across more browsers – likely, but no guarantee, as we shouldn’t mix up a valid site as one that works without errors – each brwoser has its quirks.

    Now if you want you can make it even easier by making the doctype 1.0 transitional – your current error count is at 171 so you are making progress – but if you were to make it 1.0 transitional this would cut down to 158. 1.0 transitional still allows you to use some older elements and get away with a few things that you wouldn’t be able to witha strict document – it’s a stop gap between html 4.01 and strict 1.0 in easy terms to understand. So you may wish to consider that. It will be interesting to see xhtml 2.0. So really, the more valid you can make it now, the less problems you will have later should you nee to “upgrade” the doctype. Also remember that if you’re not going modular (to be used on mobile phones etc) with your site, 1.0 transitional is good enough.

    A quicker way to clean up your errors might be this:

    copy and paste the code intoa notepad document, then do a Find & Replace such as:

    Find <P>
    replace with:

    Find <!–
    Replace with: (just press space here and it should remove them)

    Find: –>
    Replace with: (same as above)

    That will make the process slightly easier. From what I can see there are a lot of repeat errors, which makes the clearing a lot easier because you can do it in sweeps.

    Thank you so much everyone!! I think I need to get myself a book on CSS and xhtml. I got this script via Alex’s competition links and haven’t messed with anything in the script portion you note Jinsan. I will go through there though and do something about the repeat errors that I can fix. I understand there has to be some way to make comments on the .php pages from the author, and I pulled up Kubrick’s css style sheet and see what he uses. I will use that to replace the <!—-

    I also found a CSS cheat sheet and am going to see if I can teach myself enough to make some styles in the style sheet to handle centering text within posts and other things.

    All this has done is made me want to learn more, and I go back to this topic I posted about a week ago:

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