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    I am not able to alter my header colors from the standard Kubrick colors (blue).

    Default theme. No additional stuff added to the header. The font color will change. The header top/bottom colors will be retained when I Update Header. (The color does not change on that page; only the hex’s are saved.) Visiting the site confirms that only the font color has been changed.

    I have tested this using both the color pickers and the advanced mode using a variety of standard and non-standard colors. Every time the hex is saved and no color change (from the default blue) appears–any OS, any browser.

    Also, the page is called Header Image and Color but I see no means for altering the image.

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  • I have noticed this exact behavior as well. Sorry I don’t have a fix, but maybe my an additional voice will bring the issue to someone’s attention who knows what is going on.

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    To change colors of Kubrick, you need to open the appropriate files in wp-content/themes/default/images with an image editor and make the changes you want. You can also add a photo to the top of your blog this way.

    You can check out my blog if you wish – it is the default Kubrick.




    Not exactly following you.

    What is the color changer I am looking at, if it’s not for changing the colors in the default theme?

    And if there is another way of changing those colors (in the main header) what is it?

    I looked at your blog, but you aren’t using the default header. You are using an image in place of the default header.



    And still my colors won’t change. I’m currently (three months later) running 2.7.

    The blue background in kubricks header is an IMAGE – the color is not changeable by CSS alone. You need to make a new image with the color you want as the BG, name it the same as the original, and upload it via FTP to the original folder.

    Really? An image?

    I would have never guessed at that. Thanks for the enlightenment. This should be easy to solve now. Amazing how a small piece of data can be incredibly useful.

    What do those color markers change, if you know?

    Can you include the header code? I don’t have kubrick installed, so I don’t know what it gives you there.


    You can take a look at the source for the main page here:

    I will post a screen capture of the color chooser:

    You will see there are an upper and a lower color you can specify. Not sure what they would be. I assumed (as have many from my search results) that this was to select a color gradient for the header (since this is located on the page titled “Customize Header” through a link called “Header Image and Color”. (No where on that page is there a way to make any changes to an image. You will see all of the controls available in the screen capture.)

    All I can tell you is the ID for the main text is controlled by the div named #headerimg, and the smaller line of text comes from the “description”. I know nothing about this “color changer” thing – never seen it before and have no idea how it interacts with your page code.

    Meh. No big thing. Now that I am aware that the blue field is not a color field it changes things. Thanks for your assistance.

    Maybe you can take a look over here and offer some suggestions:

    Sounds like you are missing gd support in PHP. The wordpress code that generates the image will redirect to the default image file if PHP doesn’t have the image library support. On CentOS, Fedora-ish systems you would need to install the php-gd package.

    jjneely – Not following you at all.

    Well, this turned out to be total bunk. If you are having trouble changing your header color you will want to ensure that your wp-content folder has Modify rights (recursive). Once I changed that my header color changed. Clearly it’s not an image.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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