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  • Thanks again for putting all the work into this theme! I’m looking for some guidance on how to make a few tweaks to it.

    1. How can I make our header banner (the main picture) default to a shorter height no matter the window size? Some folks will visit the page and not be able to see even a hint of the content because the banner is so ‘tall.’

    2. Do you have suggestions on how to make the homepage display full posts instead of snippets? We’re a podcast, so we’d like users to be able to see up to 5 or so full posts (with an audio widget from LibSyn) on the homepage.

    3. We’re using the right-hand toggle as a subscribe link (iTunes, RSS, etc). Is there anyway to swap out that symbol image for one that says subscribe? I’ll make the image, I just need to know where in the source documents to make the change.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Here’s what our site looks like for reference:

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