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Header file contains no characters, but still works

  • The site in question can be viewed at http://www.caseycuddy.com

    The header.php file for this site is obviously working just fine, but when opened, it contains NOTHING but a text bullet. There is no text whatsoever besides the single bullet.

    All other template *.php files contain easily-editable code. This is the most puzzling thing, and I need help cause I want to edit the header.php file. Please let me know if you want me to send you the file. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • you are not looking at the right file, the proof is here:


    thats the header.php for the current theme you have displayed, and that text would not be there if all that file contained was a bullet.

    I’ve looked at them all, and can’t find anything but the call <?php get_header(); ?>. Isn’t that a call to the header.php file?

    I dont know what you are looking at.

    I have downloaded the theme you are using. I have looked inside the themes’s header.php and there is much more than what you have described previously.

    This: <?php get_header(); ?> is inside of other files, and NOT within header.php – else it would be calling itself.

    Rather than go back and forth, I recommend you go grab the zip and look for yourself while the files are on your desktop:

    its listed here:


    the download is here:


    Of course that call is contained in the other .php files. Of course I am editing locally. All other .php files contain code. I just re-downloaded the theme, and when I open header.php, it contains a bullet only. Unless I can send you my file, or you can send me yours, this is fruitless. Regardless, thanks for the help.

    .. and this is a user error.

    Here is the file;


    Thanks for the file, and for discounting/insulting me with village-idiot/broke/sigh/. Why provide assistance if you don’t _believe_ those who describe _real_ experiences and problems? I don’t see a bullet in one file, and code in the rest? I am to determine why without reaching out in order to avoid being discounted/insulted? Whack.

    village-idiot.org is her domain since ages… It is HER domain, not invented now for your sake 🙂

    Well then it is a coincidence given that I am one…

    To close this topic let me describe my progress: when I copy and paste the code you provided into a new plain .txt file and open it, a bullet appears. When I copy and paste the code into a new file and save it as .php and open it, a bullet appears. When I save it as plain .txt on a XP machine, and then transfer it to the Mac, it opens as a bullet. I tried removing the first line of code before <html>, and it opens as a bullet.

    I have no choice but to edit this one file on XP or in email. I cannot view/edit this file on my Mac, whereas I can edit all others.

    I may not be a smart man, but I know what “I don’t know how to fix it” means.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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