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    Hi All,

    The header on my blog is cut off top and bottom; it just started doing this a few days ago. I run Windows 8, IE version 10. I don’t know how to code (I use GoDaddy hosting) but maybe I can figure out how to alter the margins or page size or whatever if anyone can point me in the right direction. I contacted the Voidy Theme designer but no answer. Should I upload the theme again or will that wipe out everything I’ve done? Thanks!!

    WordPress Newbie Lorelei

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    Describe more on the issue. If it turns out to be CSS-based, we can advise solutions. If it turns out to be theme-specific, we cannot help you and advise you to use your theme’s vendors for support.

    Hi Andrew, thanks.

    The name of my blog, The December Years, is cut off about 1/4″ on the top and the bottom. The rest of the header seems okay and the rest of the page is fine. I didn’t make any changes to the header recently so I don’t know where the problem originated. How would I tell if it’s a problem with the CSS?

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    The December Years

    Are you referring to the main title? How should it have looked before? I can’t see the issue, is it occurring on a particular browser?

    I am using IE’s developer tools and I can see the CSS for my home page but I don’t know which header line or which padding selection needs alteration.
    The blog address is:

    Hi Andrew,

    Interesting that you aren’t seeing the problem. I am using IE 10 browser. I will pull up Mozilla and see if the problem reproduces itself. Thanks!

    Now I’m confused. No problem seeing the complete header in Firefox, so it must be IE-related. Hmnnnn…

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    Sorry, I don’t have IE10 so I can’t help.

    Thanks Andrew. Microsoft Community forums describes this problem and suggest using the IE8 Image Report for more information on images/headers, w.g. press F12, Alt-I, R, Alt-Tab

    I will give it a go. Thanks.

    If anyone else has this problem of cut off header, see if you are running Internet Explorer 10. If so, go to your blog home page, hit f-12 and at the bottom of your screen a bunch of CSS selections will come up. In the IE compatibility settings, reset to your version to Internet Explorer 10, but NOT IE10 Compatibility View.

    This resolved my header cut-off problem. As best as I can tell, this problem does not occur in earlier version of IE.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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