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    Hi Ron.,

    What is the problem? The link doesn’t show any map and you heading seems fine.

    The header didn’t load complet. There is a slider in the header. If i deactivate your plugin, the header works. But not on all sites. Special the link in the post

    Plugin Author Stonehenge Creations


    I do see errors in the console. I don’t know how you have configured your site, but it is still looking for Google. I have actually altered the js file, so if should prevent that.

    To use the old (and big) EM js, you could comment out line 62

    Don*t know, why the page looks for google. there is no plugin with google. hm

    ReferenceError: EM is not defined[Weitere Informationen] veranstaltungen:594:2
    ReferenceError: EM is not defined[Weitere Informationen] veranstaltungen:610:2
    ReferenceError: em_maps_load is not defined[Weitere Informationen] osm-events-manager.min.js:31:874
    Plugin Author Stonehenge Creations


    I will look in to it. For now, please just comment out line 62 in stonehenge-em-osm.php. That will load the original .js :=)

    That was it. Thx for this quick night support 🙂

    I think, the google api is from the extended search. Google is off and the search didn’t work with OSM, so i kicked the entry with CSS. In the EM is still the entry for G-autocomplete.

    Plugin Author Stonehenge Creations


    Let me explain 🙂

    jQuery autocomplete is used by EM to look up the existing locations in the database. EM then uses Google to re-find the coordinates – a manner that I do not understand why they those that. The basis for that is also used by OSM. But, because we turned off the Google integration, the js will give an error as it was/is still looking for a (now) undefined function.

    That is why I revised the EM js. I added the simple option that the Ajax Search also fetches the (already present) coordinates from the database.

    Unfortunately, I seem to have deleted too much from the original EM js. The search form (not location, but in the header) should also work. With a new modified (to be released soon) version it does on my live MultiSite as well as my Development localhost.

    On your website I did see console errors related to the header location search. I am currently looking in to what needs to be deleted to prevent errors and stops the script from running and what has be kept. 😉

    Thanks for the quick response 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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