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  • Hi I’d be very grateful if someone could help me solve some troubles I’ve been having. I am total beginner, but I learn really fast, just got stuck on these things. Forgive my English, I have difficulties to clearly express myself, as for wordpress stuff. My website- ( edit- that hypertext doesn’t seem to be working properly, so you will have to probably copy and paste)

    1. Header
    What I want- on the top of the page the navigation menu bar, under it a website title, which would be bigger ( bigger font size) and in the center ( actually I know how to do the center thing) and under the title I’d like to have a website description.
    What’s my problem- I can’t find the line or tag ( Dunno what the right name is), which modifies title. I tried a lot, site-title, h2, hgroup don’t remember what else and I can’t make it work the way I want to.

    What I want- to completely delete any comment window, comment area, whatever, I just don’t want to have comments on my website.
    What’s my problem- I’m not sure, whether I have to go through every single file and delete the section about comments or not. So my question is how to make it as quick as possible?

    3. Small Menu
    Honestly, I’ve just thought about it now, maybe I’ll figure it myself, but since I’m posting this, I’ll put here this question as well. I’d like to change this +button to a slightly bigger circle and make it a link to static page ( is that a thing?). Simply to change the button from the “opening menu” to a page I guess.

    Hope you guys understand what I mean and try to help me, I would be very grateful and thankful for any tip or advice given.

    By the way, Spun is a wonderful theme and I think Mrs. Moore did hell of a job :). Thanks a lot!

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Thank you!

    1) This thread should shed some light on how to add the site description:

    2) First, disable comments on future posts and pages by going to Settings -> Discussion and unchecking the settings that allow comments.

    Then edit any current posts and/or pages and uncheck the Allow Comments box for each. You should be able to do this in bulk, too. That will remove comment abilities on all your current content.

    3) You could do this in a child theme within a copy of footer.php — add a span or DIV, style it similarly to the menu toggle (you’ll find that code in style.css — just make the width and height larger to make it bigger) and link it to whatever page you like. Then don’t add any widgets (so the menu won’t be visible).

    I’m going to try this. Thank you!

    Hi, I also wanted to disable comments, but when I go to edit my posts, I don’t see the option to Allow Comments or not…is there something I’m missing? 🙂

    thanks, love the theme!!!

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Check out this guide on Comments in WordPress, it should answer any questions.

    many thanks!!! i feel like such a helpless novice 🙁 appreciate your help.

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