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  • i was inserting my own custom image for the header. all well and good, except i was going to leave the description in there on top of my graphic header … but i wanted to change the color. I thought i could do this in the ‘Header Image and Color’ area, since thats exactly what it looks like it should be for.

    However, when i clicked “Update Header” in that area, not only did it not change the description color, but it reinserted the standard Kubrick blue background back into the theme somewhere, and i have no idea where.

    Nothing is changed in the header.php in the <body>, or in the stylesheet for #header, #headerimg, etc. . i’m not sure where else i should be looking.

    when i clicked the “Update Header” button, what exactly happened? what did it change and how can i scratch or undo that?

    please help.

    i’m a weekend warrior, not extensive php knowledge but i can figure out and trouble shoot most anything. however i did not suspect one click of a button would instantaneously screw my day up.

    please help.

    (forgot to mention, version 2.5.0)

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  • Ha, try this one on for size – i just saved my image file on my computer as kubrickheader.jpg, uploaded and overwrite the original file, and at first i refreshed and nothing changed in the header. then i clicked the magic “Update Header” button again, and now it shows half my graphic file and half the default blue background kubrickheader.jpg original file that i overwrote. 😕

    HOWEVER, when i go to my cpanel and show the contents of the file, it doesnt show my graphic header at all! shows the default blue background. but how can that be possible if i overwrote that file?

    i put the kubrickheader file back to normal, toggled the name and description back on, and restored the original body of the header.php file to get the (‘name’) back in there. now what?

    it would seem i’m back to square one, except, that i’ve got my image file in the #header in the stylesheet which is where it was before this incident started and everything was ok. so why is it not showing up in the header? where is this pesky kubrickheader that i cannot seem to locate? or is it a php function that code got changed when i hit “Update Header”. that button should really come with a warning by the way

    I’m having this exact same problem, how did you fix it?

    ps. %#$& the update header button

    haha. you’re right. #$#$ that button.

    sorry though, when my roommate got home i asked him to look at it and he fixed it in about 10 minutes (he’s a coder/database geek)

    I have no idea what he did.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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