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  • Hello,

    I was viewing our website for the first time on my iPad, and noticed that the header image is black. Same problem with my friend on iPhone 12+. I think it has to do with the device resolution. Do you know this problem?
    Here is a picture from the iPhone 12+ website with Safari browser:

    Kind regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Theme Author presscustomizr


    This comes from the Safari update.
    We are looking to patch this following Safari’s update. I’ve discovered someone else who appears to have had the same issue and resolved it the following way.

    Depending on your familiarity with coding, you can look at implementing a solution yourself. Or, ideally, we will have a full patch in about a week.

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    Update: We believe we have solved this issue. Testing over the weekend and plan to release update on Monday, assuming we don’t discover any problems during testing.

    Thread Starter Roland


    Thx for info 👍

    Hueman no longer works with Safari on iOS/iPadOS, which is a major issue since so many people are using iPhones and iPads. The front page on my website has very large white/empty areas, and the featured image is also missing. Sometimes the other posts (i.e. below the featured image) is also affected. FYI: I have not made any changes myself to Hueman’s code.

    @nikeo: You referred to a more than three year old forum message (not from this forum) regarding a potential “fix”. But the link/image in your post does not describe what files need to be modified and what the actual code is.

    Can you give us more details, so people can try to fix this problem themselves (if they are comfortable with editing WordPress files)?

    PS: The Hueman theme has not been updated for more than six months. There are also other issues that should be addressed, like e.g. this one. I love the theme (I’ve used it since 2014!), and I hope the problems will be fixed soon.

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    We believe we have a fix, but we’ve been testing it with the Safari update.

    1. Can you confirm you have Hueman and not Hueman Pro (there is a similar, although different issue affecting both … one of the reasons the fix is taking some time.
    2. Can you provide the website you’re experiencing this with.
    3. Can you say whether you’re using Nimble Builder plugin or not.

    Thanks. Trying to get this resolved for you (and everyone) asap.

    Thanks for the speedy reply!

    1. Standard/free Hueman, versjon 3.7.20. (FYI: I’m running WordPress 5.8.3 because Hueman, as you know from the forum, has other issues with 5.9.)


    3. No Nimble Builder plugin. I only use a single plugin, WP Super Cache, on my website. Disabling it did not have any effect. No other plugins.

    Two of the problems can easily be seen on these screenshots from my iPad Mini 5 running the latest iPadOS (comments in green and red on the screenshots have been added in Photoshop):

    * Front page:

    Big empty area at the top, much larger/taller than the missing featured image.

    * Blog post:

    Big empty area between the post title and the body text, much larger/taller than the missing featured image.

    I have never seen any problems like this before. Also, like I mentioned above, I have not made any changes recently to the code or in the admin settings of Hueman.

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    Checking your site on Safari (browser) and my iphone, I do not show the issue.

    Can you delete the cache in the plugin and clear your browser’s cache and let me know if you get the same results.

    I, and other users like e.g. @bobobaldini and @bl4d30r, are reporting problems when using Safari on iPads. I guess some also have problems with Hueman on iPhones, but I don’t know personally, because I only have a very old iPhone (with old iOS).

    At your request I have now deleted all the cache from WP Super Cache as well as the cache from my browser. I also test in Private mode, which forces the browser to load all files from scratch. (I also did all this earlier this week, including disabling the cache plugin completely.)

    New tests on my iPad reveal that the problem persist.

    Update: I just tested my website with Safari on my mac, running the latest version of macOS Catalina (not the latest macOS, I know).

    The problem with missing featured images and big white/empty areas near the top is the same also on my mac! 🙁 Both the front page and blog posts with featured images are affected. Something must be wrong with the way the featured image/post is displayed …

    I like a light-weight WP installation, and beside WP Super Cache I don’t use any plugins. No other modifications to Hueman. Disabling the cache plugin does not fix the issue.

    I have no idea why Hueman is currently not working with Safari on either my iPad or my mac. I have never had any issues like this before.

    Theme Author presscustomizr


    Getting stranger by the minute. I went out to get my old ipad and charged it up and it looks correct to be there also.

    Going to play around with some settings and versions and see if I can replicate.

    Thread Starter Roland


    @nikeo @yallaman @bobobaldini

    We also had this problem with my iPhone12+ and iPad Pro.
    But after the iOS update to 15.4.1 the problem was fixed.

    Kind regards,

    Thanks for looking into this. It is very strange, indeed.

    The user in the current thread had a problem with the header. However, others have issues with the first post and/or the featured post on the front page. For example:

    In this thread the user reports that the featured post with slide show (at the top) on the front page has disappeared. I checked his website on both my iPad and my mac, and indeed, the featured post is completely missing. The featured post is however visible on my old mac running macOS High Sierra from 2017.

    In this thread the user reports that the thumbnail of the first article on the front page is not displayed correctly.

    I don’t know if all these problems are related, but they all involve the first post – usually the featured post (with or without slideshow) – on the front page.

    However, in addition I have problems with some featured images missing from normal blog posts as well – on both iPad and mac. And the featured images are not only missing, there is also a huge, empty area above and below the place where the featured image should be.

    Update with a temporary “fix”:

    The problem with missing images always occurs with the first image (not including the header), e.g. the image of the featured post at the top of the front page or the featured image at the beginning of a blog post. When running stock Hueman (no plugins!) the problem is present when using Safari on both my mac (latest Catalina version) and my iPad (latest iPadOS version). There is no problem in Firefox (only tested on my mac).

    After further testing I suspected that the problem could be related to lazy loading, specifically the “Load images on scroll” setting in Hueman. After disabling this feature, both my front page and blog posts load normally. So far I have not encountered any missing images in Safari.

    I’m not an expert, but my tests over the last few days indicate that the issue could be related to Hueman’s own implementation of lazy loading.

    In the past, I believe Safari did not support lazy loading, which is why the theme included its own method. Maybe something have changed regarding Safari and lazy loadning…? I have no idea, but I wanted to report back in case my findings can help the author pin down the problem. It would be great to have lazy loading also in Safari on iOS/iPadOS and macOS.

    @bobobaldini: If you still have problem with the featured post (with slide show) on your website, try disabling “Load images on scroll” in Hueman’s settings.

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    @yallaman Do you use Nimble Builder? If so, do you have 3.2.9 installed? We’ve seen that sometimes we have conflicts with lazy loaded, as you suggested, but the latest patch has worked in reducing those conflicts for other users. Let me know your setup so I can try to help others reduce these issues. Thanks.

    @nikeo: You asked this question five days ago, along with two other questions 🙂

    Please see my reply above, and also read my following updates. In the end, I found a temporary fix by disabling Hueman’s “Load images on scroll” setting.

    In short: The standard free Hueman theme, with zero plugins, exhibited the problem in Safari on iPad (latest iPadOS version, i.e. 15.5) and mac (macOS Catalina 10.15.7). It happened every time I tested. FYI: No problems in Firefox and Chrome on the same mac.

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