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  • Hello I have a question, how do I place my own header and footer!! Any suggesting would be appreciated, thanks mike

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  • any out there that can help me please, thanks

    You will find the code for both in your header.php and footer.php files. You’ll have to have a bit of coding experience to change things around though



    lost, I would start by going through this article in the documentation. It should be a big help for you.

    Thanks, but I have already have my header image, but the problem is i need to get to the header.php, but the files that I see all have the wp- in front of them, that were I get confussed. were would the header.php be because there is no such file!!!





    where is your fricking blog?

    Youre not making a good case for getting any help by your incessant need to yell at us, or be impatient.

    header.php is a theme file.

    themes are inside wp-content/themes/

    Instead of screaming that you need help — get out your ftp client, and do some looking around at your files, ffs.

    nice edit, moderator.

    I was not screaming at any one, i am new to this and I am not as smart at this as you are, so please bare with me please, I am learning and I at times I will need help from the experts!!! thanks to the moderator for the editing!!!

    ok I got the header working YEAH, now can I use .js files for the header and footer and if so what would be the correct way to set that up!!! Thanks

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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