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  • OK, so I’ve just started playing with HungryFEED and got another idea. I want a titles only feed and want to have bullets in front of each title so I edit a custom template and use that. However, to make this work properly, I really need to insert <ul> and </ul> before and after the whole feed block. Also, it would be nice to customise the hungryfeed_feed_title and hungryfeed_feed_description block. So, a further extension could be to permit a custom template for the ‘before’ and ‘after’ markup.

    Hah, I guess that you’re thinking that some users want the earth… ;o) It’s only because I see this as an excellent plugin with the potential to do a litle more. Many thanks.


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  • Plugin Contributor Jason


    I have considered adding that but a decent alternative is to just put your header/footer html into the post itself like so:

    <h2>My Feed Header</h2>
    [hungryfeed url="..." template="1"]
    <p>--- Footer ---</p>

    i use this on my own site. it’s not ideal if you’re setting up a template to be used over and over again in lots of posts.

    OK, I can do that. I was going to have several feeds on one page but once I’ve coded it, it’s not going to change in a hurry. I’ll tinker with the CSS to format the feed title and description but it would have been nice to be able to put a link onto the feed title to link to the originating page (the page that the RSS feed relates to).

    Plugin Contributor Jason


    cool, linking the feed title with the actual feed URL or some alternate URL is not a bad feature idea, but that’s also something that you can hard-code onto the page there above the <ul> tag. the only downside is that if the feed title and/or description changes you have to update your page but it seems most feeds don’t change those things very often if ever.

    Yes, I can see that I could hard code it and that’s not a problem but I’d want more control over the formatting of the title/description header – I wouldn’t want both my hard-coded title with link AND the HungryFEED title, hence I’d still need more control over the main title/description block and come back to greater flexibility in the plugin to give me more options to control this.

    I could try and fudge it by setting the text colour of the HungryFEED description to be the same as the background colour and text height to be 0px in the CSS section but this wouldn’t be the most elegant solution.

    Plugin Contributor Jason


    If I understand what you’re saying you basically want to just hide the default feed title/description and then you could hard-code your own in there.

    If that is what you meant, then that would solve your problem. To hide those fields, check out the FAQ #1 here

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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