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    I have two questions on the following site:


    1. Can I make the header bigger so that my original banner fits in? I’ve tried to make the image smaller but it keeps giving me the same area to crop it like that.

    2. If I delete the name of the Site, it disappears from the top bar. However, if I keep it, it gets located on top of the banner. Is there any way I can keep the name of the site on but without having it visible?


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  • It is very difficult to diagnose this type of problem without being able to view the problem on the site.

    If you can leave the problem areas visible, and describe exactly what you would like to change, someone might be able to help.

    The problem is that the header always cuts my banner, as you can see in that link.

    For instance, my banner is 1000px width + 266px height. Well, it really does not matter how small I make it, it will always ask me to crop it when setting the banner from my dashboard.

    I was wondering if I could make the header area bigger so that I can fit my banner.

    Regarding number 2, I put the sentence “under construction”. Then, I got that sentence in the upper left corner of the browser. When I delete that sentence, the name of the site is gone.


    check functions.php of your theme for any mention of ‘HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT’ or so (untested as I don’t have a copy of your theme);

    try working with a tool such as Firebug to find the corresponding css selector – might be #logo in your site.

    Thank you so much for your help. All set!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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