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  • On my site, I’ve created several videos that are essentially tours of my desktop software ( I am currently using Powerpress and have tried both the Classic and the HTML Player. The videos are in mp4 format (this can be changed if necessary) and are embedded in pages (not posts) on the site.

    The videos all play exactly like I need when viewed via a browser, however when the site is viewed from an Android based mobile device they don’t play.

    Is there a video player out there that I can use to replace Powerpress with? That will play the videos across platforms? I’ve googled this a bunch and can’t seem to find any clear answer and the blubrry forums are worse than useless (at least I haven’t been able to find any answer)


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  • Each Android based device is different unfortunately. mp4/m4v (H.264 video) is not completely compatible with all Android phones, for the most part any Android with Honeycomb or newer (3.0+) should be able to play H.264. Older Android phones it’s based on the manufacturer if they bundled either hardware and/or software support for rendering H.264 video. Also make sure your devices are on Wifi, most phone services will not allow large downloads, mp4 videos are usually pretty large.

    The Xoom plays H.264 video really well by the way, it’s amazing!

    Similar answer on the blubrry forums:,2848.msg7373.html#msg7373

    This exact question was never asked on the forums, and it appears you did not ask it. If you want to help improve the forums, please go to and submit the question, and I will personally reply with a more detailed response.

    Amandato, thank you for this information. My comment about the blubrry forums is based on some rather bad past experiences and not this one particular incident.

    I’ll repost it over at blubrry later today.
    Thanks again

    Please contact me cio [at], we take the forums very seriously. Anything defamatory, inappropriate, etc.. we will address immediately. It it’s regarding an unsatisfactory answer to a question, let me know, I’ll review it with the team.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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