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  • Its the mikmag,my website is Basically I unzipped the folder after i purchased the mikmag theme, they told me only to upload the folder MikMag, so basically i took this folder out of all the other stuff I wasn’t going to use, i then compressed it so I could use wordpress to upload it. Well it looks nothing like what they marketed. Something i wrong, so I checked my file manager and compared all the theme files with what I have that they gave me and theyre exact. So confused hmm any thoughts?

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    Let them know your confusion, don’t be discouraged to ask or repeat yourself for help. You’ve paid for support and they’re obliged to help you.

    Have you contacted Theme Forest for support? That’s part of what you paid for when you purchased the site. Commercial themes aren’t generally supported here as access to the code is not freely available.

    But do be aware that until you have content in a site, it may look very different from the theme demo.

    Have you tried reading the documentation in the folder? Not the folder that you were told to upload. It should be in another folder in that file you unzipped. Sometimes when you purchase themes they don’t “set it up” like the demo. But they include instructions so you can do it and then you can swap out images/text after you have set it up to look like the demo.Check all of the folders for any kind of documentation/info text file. If it’s not in there then definitely contact themeforest. You have to contact the author directly for help. So hopefully they get back to you. That’s the only thing I don’t like too much about themeforest. It took one guy a couple of weeks to get back to me. Good luck!

    contacted the author for help who then directed me to their forums.. have a question on there unanswered for 2 days. Theres a pdf in the packet i just found with some useful info. You guys are right I paid for a theme I should get support from them. Looks like it uploaded correctly i just need to set it up since the mikmag special dashboard that is shown in the pdf manual i see also on my wordpress. My confusion sorry guys I’ll see how this goes. ty for the help



    No problem. I thought when you purchased a theme that it came exactly as it appeared in the demo but have found that doesn’t apply to all of the themes. It happens. Hope you figured it out.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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