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  • I currently have everything working with the blog, however, I am trying to do the following and really don’t know where, or how I should start..

    When a user clicks the title of an entry and is taken to the entire post, I have a line in the signature that automatically inserts an image at the end of the entry. It makes it look like I “signed” the entry. However, the signature image also shows up on the main page of the site, should I setup a post.php file as well? I would really like to keep this template down in size, file wise. I have index.php, comments.php, style.css, sidebar.php, header.php and footer.php. I really don’t want to have to add any additional files, if this can be done without adding files, please inform..

    I only want the image to appear on the full post, sure this has something to do with the loop..

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  • If by template you mean theme, you can have 500 files in it, they will not be used all in the same time.
    The reason why the signature is shown on your main page is described here: Template_Hierarchy.

    You could just create a single.php (for the variant with the signature) and that should work.
    You can use Conditional_Tags in that index now you have for everything – and that will increase the files size, indeed 🙂

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