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  • Hello. I recently ran a test on of my site: and it looks like my first byte time is very bad. But it does not give any info on what may be causing it. Below are my results.

    6782 ms First Byte Time
    ms Target First Byte Time

    Does anyone have any insight into how I can possibly fix this?

    Thank you for your help.

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    TTFB is a host – and GoDaddy – issue; they are well known as a slow host.

    See Recommended WordPress Web Hosting

    Thanks Songdog. But we came from bluehost and at this point we are at we cannot change hosts.

    Do you know if there may be other solutions I can try for this?

    Thanks again for the help.

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    Only thing you can do is ask GoDaddy about it.

    Yea I tried. They told me everything looked good with their server and that nothing should be wrong with them that would cause any problems.

    Sounded like the runaround, as often happens with godaddy.

    Actually, you have a lot going on with the site that can and will slow it down. The initial page size (home page) is 2.27 MB, 178 HTTP Requests, 41 external Javascript scripts, 28 external stylesheets, 12 external background images…see:

    Additionally, you have some resources that are not loading, the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found):

    You have many markup errors that should be corrected:

    And you have many CSS issues also:

    You can help the site performance quite a bit by fixing all these issues. If you still then have a slow site, try a better hosting plan (many of which GoDaddy offers and work great with even complex WordPress websites), but not until.

    O wow. I did not realize that there were that many errors.

    Most of the CSS errors are from the site’s theme. Would you have any idea how I could approach fixing those? I never touched those myself.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    The theme author mentioned this to me:

    “At this moment there are no considerable errors on the7.

    Please consider that HTML5 validator is experimental and may be unreliable which mentioned there itself.”

    I live chatted godaddy and they basically did not want to help. They said everything was ok with the servers. Does anyone know what I should sask to GoDaddy when I call them?


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    Godaddy have the worst customer support I have ever come across so I’m afraid you probably won’t have much luck talking to them.

    My first suggestion would be to move away from GoDaddy.

    While there might not actually be anything wrong with their servers, they are likely to be overloaded with sites causing the server to load slowly due to the limited resources.

    Yea it is weird. Sometimes with them you can get someone telling you one thing. Then I call right back and someone tells me something completely different.

    But at this point I am not really into moving from them. We usually have no slow issues like this though with other sites on GoDaddy.

    I DID figure out that it was a plugin that was slowing things down a lot (Arscode social slider if anyone has it) but it was weird because that plugin had never given me problems on any other site I used it on. The P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) is what helped me figure out what plugins were slow.

    But currently my first byte time is:

    703 ms First Byte Time
    297 ms Target First Byte Time

    I will see if I can reduce it by doing a few more things. Thanks for the help guys.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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