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  • I am having a bit of trouble with this. I went threw the read me. here is where I am having trouble:
    Trouble: 1. Create the email_list table in your Word Press
    MySQL database.
    [Use email_list.sql]
    What I did: in mysql, i made a database named email_list. then I Went into PhP myadmin, from the SQL database, and uploaded in the “email_list.sql” file. and logged out of SQL
    Problem: 4. Copy email-notification.php to:
    What I did: I did not have a /wp-content folder. So what I did is created one, and made the subfolder plugins, and put those two files in it.
    That seems to be it. On my website, on the right panel, I have the “sign up email” notification, however, whenever I enter in an email, i get brought to an error page. I am thinking I did something wrong. anything i had troubles with, i listed here. any help, or response would be greatly appreciate.
    I can be reached at:
    AIM: ian88schwartz
    yahoo: simsonline2004

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  • Update:
    Wordpress v 1.0.1.
    Also I got it working I think. Somehow, I did not change , to my url. But I did that, and I get the letter to confirm, however, after I enter in my email, it takes me to this page in which, I get this messege.
    No Database Selected
    Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/alpha/public_html/maillist/index.php on line 63
    No Database SelectedThanks for subscribing.
    You will receive an email shortly to confirmyour subscription.
    Once you confirm your subscription you will begin to receive
    notifications whenever The Alphaville Gazette is updated.
    Go Back
    I went in my maillist/index.php, and i get something that says this (on line 63):
    $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res);
    Not sure what to do, thanks!

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