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    I just installed Car Demon and it is a really nice plugin. It is very full featured and one of a kind.

    However, I’m having trouble adding multiple pictures to the same vehicle. I can add a featured image with no problems, but when I try to create an image gallery, it doesn’t add anything to the post. Each car will need to have about 14 images. I know it can be done because I see it working on your demo page.

    I’m using WordPress 3.5 with the Responsive theme 1.8.5 and Car Demon 1.2.2

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Just wanted to let you know I got your message. Tomorrow mid day I’ll setup a test site with Responsive and WP 3.5 and try to mimic the issue. There were a lot of changes to the media controls in 3.5 and it seems there might be a few issues I’ll need to resolve.

    Ok sounds good.

    Thank You

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    I did a little testing this morning with WP 3.5 and recreated the issue. Currently you can not “insert” a gallery into the description area because of an unknown javascript error.

    However, this does not mean that the gallery function for Car Demon isn’t working.

    Can Demon displays multiple photos by looking for images that are attached to a specific vehicle. They do not have to be in a gallery for this to work. Simply go to the vehicle edit page and click “Add Media” and upload your photos, this should attach them to the vehicle. Save the vehicle and then view it from the front end, your photos should be there.

    Give it a try and let me know if you’re still having issues.

    Yea that’s working better now.

    Thank You

    Hi. I’m having the same prob with multiple images on WP 3.5. Any good word on when we might look for a 3.5 update? …What can I say? Had to ask didn’t I? <Smile>

    WP 3.5 | Responsive theme 1.8.7 w/child theme
    Car Demon 1.2.2 | Car Demon Styles 1.0.0 | Responsive Style

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Hi Websmythe,

    I was hoping it would be ready earlier this week but due to scheduling conflicts it has been delayed. Realistically I think we’re looking at around the end of the first week of February for the next update.

    In addition to adding better image support there will be several new features added. Keep your eyes out and we’ll do what we can to bust it out as quick as possible.

    take care,

    I worked around this by installing a photo plugin and used some css to hide the original slideshow and thumbnails. You could try that as a temporary fix

    Thanx Jay,
    That’d be like perfect timing for me.
    Here’s hoping everything goes according to plan.

    Waiting with moochos anticipation.

    <timdreamhuge> …or just revert to 3.4x for a while

    ^ Haha why didn’t I think of that? Yea that’s probably way easier

    Hi Jay,
    K, so I reinstalled WP 3.4.2, and still no luv adding multiple images. Should I try a previous version of WP further back maybe?

    Im running a child theme of “Responsive Full Content” (child theme) for “Responsive” theme, and Car Demon Styles with “Responsive” style seleted.

    permalinks: /%postname%/%post_id%
    Use included theme files: No
    Use Dynamic Ribbons: Yes

    Any thots?

    Oh. forgot…
    WP is creating the gallery images, and attaching them properly. So they are there, just not displaying.

    Ah! Got a prob with insert gallery. The button does nothing, just sits there and admires itself.

    I am having the same issue. I have tried inserting gallery and to no avail. So after reading the posts here I tried just uploading multiple images seeing as it should just add them to the gallery. Still no go. What do?

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