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Having trouble with a hosted poll... (1 post)

  1. Syd_Lexia
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I recently posted a poll on my blog from MyPolls.net.
    It can be seen here:

    For some reason, the Vote button is not showing up. Can anyone help?
    Here is the poll code:

    '<FORM ACTION="http://1506.mypolls.net/" METHOD=POST>
    <TABLE CellPadding=3 Border=0 CellSpacing=0>
    <TR><TD BgColor="#9598FF"><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=2><B>SydLexia.com - The First Movie Review</B></font></TD></TR>
    <TR><TD BgColor="#C0C0FF"><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1><B>Which of the following movies would you *most* like to see reviewed on the site?</B></font></TD></TR>
    <TR><TD BgColor="#C0C0FF"><input type=radio name=answer value=a1><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Suburban Commando (1991)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a2><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Cobra (1986)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a3><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Raw Deal (1986)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a4><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Demolition Man (1993)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a5><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Escape From New York (1981)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a6><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Scanners (1981)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a7><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Labyrinth (1986)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a8><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Stay Tuned (1992)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a9><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>Encino Man (1992)</font><BR><input type=radio name=answer value=a10><FONT Color="#000000" face="verdana" size=1>These are all horrible! ANY other movie would be better than one of these!</font><BR></TD></TR>
    <TR><TD Align=Center BGColor="#9598FF"><Input type=button Value=Vote!></TD></TR>
    <TR><TD Align=Center BGColor="#9598FF"><A HREF="http://1506.mypolls.net/" target="_blank"><Font Face=verdana size=1 color="#000000">View Result</font></A></TD></TR>
    <TR><TD Align=Center BGColor="#9598FF"><A HREF="http://mypolls.net" target="_blank"><Font Face=verdana size=1 color="#000000"><b>Free Web Polls</b></font></A></TD></TR>
    </TABLE><Input type=hidden name=pid value=1506></FORM>'

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