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  • I cannot seem to get my head around the flow of wordpress and achieve a few things I want to achieve. Is there a link that explains the relation of pages to posts to categories…? I understand that pages are what essentially make up the site navigation or over all structure. But where I am running into issues is making my home page a static page, yet still be a part of the navigation. Making posts only show up on certain pages (ie About have posts that only show up there and not on the homepage). Is there a link here or a book that you guys can recommend?

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  • A good place to start is the WordPress Codex:

    Making posts only show up on certain pages…

    Use categories for this. Assign a category to a post, and then this post will appear on the category archive page along with any other posts given the same category.

    Ok so if I understand correctly. Let say I have a Page called “About Us”. Then nested in that I have a Page called “Press Releases”. About us is a Page that does not change much so the editting of that is okay and straightforward. So on the Press Release Page. I make a category called “Press” (for example). Then I make posts and assign them the category “Press”. Now how do I associate that the category “Press” to only show up on the “Press Release” Page. I am sorry, I just forcing my self to make sure I am understanding.

    I really do appreciate the help.

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    Use categories instead of pages.

    Pages are for data you don’t change much or need to add to much. About Us is a great example of that.

    Posts are for … everything else. That’s the meat of your blog, the stuff where you put new info.

    So make a post called whatever your latest press release is ‘Koala arrested for vandalism’, let’s say, and put that in the Press category.

    Then magically there’s a category page called ‘Press’ you can link to with all your Press Releases (because they’re in the Press category, you see).

    you could have a page called press releases. the page could contain an intro statement and then links to all your releases. your releases would be individual posts.

    nothing wrong with editing a page, adding a link each time you write a release.

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    You could also make a category-#.php page in your theme files that did it, and not have to update anything 🙂

    OK thanks folks for the push in the right direction. I think I am understanding a bit better. Now I think it is a matter of bending WP to do what I need it to. For example: In my example I have the “About Us” page. This page needs to have a sub nav item/section called “Press Releases”. I have created the category and placed a few sample press releases there so that is working to some degree. But I only want to see that category when I am on the about us page. So in a sense it will act like a sub nav item. Which is why my gut said to make a actual sub page and parent it to the “About Us” page. It showed up correctly in the nav/pages list. But I understand the categories thing and why it was suggested. But how do I get the category to only show up on the pages I need them to? I know very little PHP but it seems this should be a easy thing to do.

    Sorry for all the noob questions but I am just starting out with WP. All help greatly appreciated.

    btw I just ordered the “WordPress for dummies” book. Is that any good? Will it help me with 2.7?

    Will it help me with 2.7?

    yes and no. the admin area wont look much like whats in that book.

    the best book is the codex. and it’s free.

    thanks whooami….

    ALso from one of the links posted above it seems part of my journey is not possible

    Pages cannot be associated with Categories and cannot be assigned Tags. The organizational structure for Pages comes only from their hierarchical interrelationships, and not from Tags or Categories.

    Thats from the Pages link posted above. Which now confuses me more. So I have a “About Us” section and a static home page (not controlled by WP). I need a section for press releases that I can write posts to as press releases come out. By definition, those press releases would be posts. But I need those only accessible from the About Us page as a sub nav almost. So I would imagine making a sub page off of the About Us page would satisfy the need for the navigation element. But how does one associate posts with only a certain section seems to be beyond me. It is possible right?

    Ok I missed Ronchicago’s post. And it seems that will work. The whole linking the perma-link manually. Seems there would be a automated way to do this. But it is what it is.

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    There is an automated way – It’s called ‘Using Categories.

    You make your category and then you design that cat page template 🙂


    WordPress can be pretty confusing in the beginning, specially concerning to page terminology. But you’ll see it’s quite simple. You can consider pages as the exact same thing as posts, but with no cronological order. That’s why they are called “static”.

    I understand that pages are what essentially make up the site navigation or over all structure.

    That’s not exact. What I think you (and many others) are having a hard time to grasp is that pages are not the same as “sections” or groups of posts. By that I mean that you cannot “assign” posts to a page, at least not without considerable effort. If you want a “section” in your blog to list a specific set of posts, use categories to do that. If you want a static page (ie. content that is not likely to change and is not part of a series os posts), use pages.

    If you want a certain category not to show on the front page, use the query_posts function with the exclude parameter.

    I recommend two things for you to get started:
    The Loop, which will explain how you can control what will appear in each “section”;
    Template hierarchy, that will show which file you have to edit to achieve what you want in your theme.

    Hope it helps.

    If even after this explanation you want to “assign” a category to a page, here’s what you have to do:
    1. Create a new page template and assign it to your page (press releases, in your case).
    2. After the regular Loop, create another Loop, this time setting it to display only the category you want (press, for instance).

    That’s it! This way you won’t have to manually edit the “press releases” (sub)page very time a new post in the “press” category is added.

    Ok digging this back up 😀 (rather than start a new one). How does one mix Categories and Pages to make a main navigation? In my case I need to have a drop down css menu that will be like the following:

    • About
      • Company (static)
      • Owner (static)
      • Events (Dynamic Content)

    Notice that Events needs to be managed content (posts) so convention says that needs to be “Category”. But pages are what seems to create the main navigation. When I click “Company” it is fine for it to go to a static page. But for events I would like it to go the category with all my excerpts. I am guessing if I build the navigation in a static manner I could do this easier, but I would like to keep things as dynamic and system driven as possible.

    Any input appreciated.

    looks like renatos post is what I want to do, but I lack the Loop knowledge to do that. Any help with a snippet?

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