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  • I imported my site from Drupal with good success, except the comments aren’t threading. Everything else about the comments is correct.

    Interesting in that before I imported the comments I was able to reply and leave a threaded comment. Once I imported the comments into the database, I was no longer able to even leave a new threaded comment.

    in the wp_comments database all have values for comment_parent, most are 0, 1, 2 or 3, or other single digits, but then there are jumps to 100, 101, 200, 201, etc

    Any help with how I can correct this would be MUCH appreciated.

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  • I haven’t found a solution, but I found the problem – WordPress’s “comment_parent” in the wp_comments table is bigint(20) type data, while Drupal’s “thread” column in the comments table is varchar data.

    There should be a way to convert (cast) the bigint to varchar, but that takes some expertise I don’t have.

    When I bring the data from the Drupal comments table into WordPress, it seems some attempt at conversion is made in SQL. In my case at least, it isn’t working.

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