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    Website was fine. Broke it bad. Had backups. Dropped the database. Deleted the files/directories via FTP. Clean slate.

    I imported a backup of the old DB, so it is in place where it used to be before I dropped it. Now, I am uploading a back-up of the site’s files/directories via FTP. These files contain a wp_config file that is correlated the DB that I just restored (name, user, pass, etc).

    As I understand it, this should work now. The site should be intact. BUT INSTEAD, the site keeps redirecting to wp-admin/install.php, and prompting me to install WordPress (which would create a new set of wp tables next to the existing ones).

    Shouldn’t the config file being accurately correlated to the DB do the trick and generate the site? Why doesn’t it know WordPress is already installed?

    Insight greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Solved.

    Backup was corrupted. Table prefixes had been changed somehow. Adjusted the $table_prefix variable in wp-config.

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